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Denise Van Outen In Golf Outfit Says "Back At It"

“Back at it."

British actress and presenter Denise Van Outen is a big fan of playing golf, and doesn't let slight wardrobe malfunctions get in the way of her game. Van Outen, 49, shared pictures of herself out on the green wearing golf workout gear, complete with skull and crossbone socks. "Back at it ⛳️. Got rained off for a while so had to make do with afternoon tea and the bar (standard) socks & glove gfore ☠️," she captioned the post. Here's what Van Outen's diet, exercise, and wellness routine looks like these days.


Fun Workouts

Van Outen loves workouts that challenge her and keep her motivated. "I've always been active thanks to my job, but some of my fitness is down to allocating time with a PT," she told Women's Fitness. "I find the gym tedious and boring, so I always try to exercise outdoors as much as I can, weather permitting. In lockdown, I built a big assault course in the garden with lots of obstacles and I'd run round the circuit with my daughter Betsy. It was quite comical, but I like my workouts to be fun. I often set myself challenges or turn exercise into a game because that approach works better for me."


Big Lunch, Light Dinner


Lunch is Van Outen's largest meal of the day, and she prefers to keep dinner light. "For breakfast I'll have porridge or fruit," she told Closer. "I eat my main meal for lunch, normally pasta or a jacket spud with tuna and sweetcorn. For dinner, I opt for something light like fish and steamed veg. I snack on fruit, nuts or yogurt. I have two or three decaf lattes a day and I love English tea, too. As for alcohol, I like red wine, but I'm not a particularly heavy drinker."


Body Contouring Treatments

Van Outen decided to get cosmetic help with what she referred to as her "lockdown belly". I didn't want to feel out of shape because that affects your performance, your confidence… everything," she told Women's Fitness. "So, I decided to have some ReSculpt Body Contouring treatments to target the muscles in my stomach. I love the fact that one 30-minute session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups, plus it's non-invasive and there's no pain or downtime. I did a course of six treatments alongside some lighter exercise and I really got the results I needed. The sessions provided a great alternative when I couldn't do my normal core workouts, and it's great knowing the treatments are there if I need them again."


Long Walks With the Pup

Van Outen enjoys long walks to clear her head and relax. "I love going for nice long walks with the dog," she told The Irish News. "We live next to a forest, so that's always lovely. When we went into lockdown and were allowed to go out for one form of exercise a day, we rediscovered a love of walking, cycling and just exploring where we live. It clears your head as well. It's your chance to just take a step away from everything."


Embracing Healthy Aging

Van Outen wants to age as healthily as possible for the sake of her family. "With age… It's made me more aware of my body and looking after myself," she told The Irish News. "I think when you become a mum as well, and you've got a child that you're looking after, you want to be around for them. So I'm like, 'OK, there are a few things that need to be changed here'. I need to just really look after myself."

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