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Disney Channel Star Ashley Tisdale Shares Swimsuit Photo and Says "Life Is Great"

She walks 14,000 steps a day.

Ashley Tisdale turned 38 over the summer and has never been happier. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody actress shared a picture of herself posing at the beach in a black one-piece swimsuit and white shorts, her hair in loose waves. "This last year has had so many unbelievable moments. Things I've dreamt up but never thought was possible. Here is what I learned thus far. Manifestation is real, being present is most important, hard work pays off, being authentic takes learning about yourself and that takes time, being there for others goes such a long way, and when life surprises you and it gets hard learn the lesson and rise above! 38 and life is great ☀️," she captioned the post. Here's how Tisdale is living her best life, and what she does to stay happy and healthy.


14,000 Steps a Day


Tisdale walks 14,000 steps a day, and credits this small change with making a huge difference to her health. "Getting back with my trainer @harleypasternak has changed my body tremendously and honestly it's all about getting your steps in," she said. "His method isn't hard and my body isn't left feeling like I tortured it. I can't believe what my body has gone through over the last year and a half. I'm so grateful for it and honestly can't believe how strong I feel.  All I do is walk lol but it's effective."


Mental Health


Tisdale says the long walks have benefited her mental as well as physical health. "I'm only sharing this because after months of working hard and trying everything, these small changes in the last three weeks is what have done the most," she said. "It's the difference of how I feel. It's all about moving, finding ways of walking. Taking the dogs out with the baby for a stroll, taking meetings while walking vs. sitting. It's honestly what has helped my mental health as well. Having the extra energy from anxiety, just taking a walk and putting on a walking meditation always makes me feel better."


Pilates and Peloton


Tisdale struggled with postpartum fitness after having her daughter in 2021. "I've worked my butt off. Whether it's hiking, Pilates, riding on my Peloton, and yet, I still don't feel comfortable in my body," she says. "Yes, I started to fit into some jeans again, but not the size I was wearing before. Everyone keeps saying that it takes time — it takes time growing the baby and it takes time losing the baby weight. And you know what? That's the truth."


Thyroid Issues

Tisdale says she had borderline thyroid issues and adapted her diet as a result. "I eliminate gluten (sometimes 😛), dairy and do everything I can to not have to rely on medication but a lot of it is not creating stress on the body and even though working out is great, the different methods can create more stress and do more damage," she says. "So using @harleypasternak technique helps me reach my goals but not over exert myself."


Love Yourself First

Tisdale is determined to protect her mental health by not comparing herself to others in a negative way. "The bottom line: be kind to yourself and fill yourself up with love," she says. "It's okay to set a goal and be inspired by others, but we should all truly love ourselves and our bodies in every season. It's easier said than done and I know there have been stages in my pregnancy where I have felt uncomfortable. I'm still dealing with plantar fasciitis, but even I'm working on not comparing myself to others and their post-baby journeys. Love yourself first!"

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