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Dutch Sprinter Dafne Schippers In Boxing Gear Is "Ready For Adventures Ahead"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Retired track and field athlete Dafne Schippers may have taken a step back from global competitions, but she has no intention of slowing down her training. Schippers, 31, got to actually enjoy a proper vacation for the first time in years—and a new sport. The athlete shared a picture of herself wearing boxing gloves, gray shorts, and a matching tank top, sparring with a trainer. "Enjoying my first 'real' faraway holiday after years of full dedication to the sport. Can't say I am only relaxing, but the Buddhas and temples help balance out my body 🥊 and mind 🏯. Recharging and getting ready for the adventures ahead!" she captioned the post. Here's how Schippers stays strong and fit.


Weight Training Workouts

Weight training is an important part of Schippers' training. "I use the squat rack at least three times a week," she told Technogym. "I can do all kinds of exercises with the rack, varying from the 'clean' and squats to bench presses. Strength training is extremely important for an athlete. You need power for the entire race: an explosive start, acceleration and to sustain the momentum. Technogym equipment is of excellent quality, which is necessary when you want to get the best out of yourself. All details must be correct, so the equipment you train with must meet the highest standards."


Pasta Lover


Schippers enjoys cooking delicious, nutritious foods at home. "I like to cook. It's very good to know more about food and nutrition," she told The Guardian. "I love Italian food most of all but all the pasta is not so healthy. But sometimes you need to eat as much as you like."


Beating the Tough Girls

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Schippers isn't afraid of being stared down by other sprinters. "People do do that. But I chose not to do it myself. It's not my style," she told The Guardian. "I find it amusing when other sprinters do and I just smile at them and listen to music… The girls in the heptathlon are definitely more easy-going and much friendlier. The sprinters are more like gladiators but I don't really miss the heptathlon. I like to beat the tough girls."


Learning About Nutrition

Schippers adapted her diet when she started competing seriously. "I like to work with food and think about what type of food is good for an athlete so I decided to start the blog with my sister this summer," she told The Telegraph. "I've definitely become more interested in eating healthily over the past year. When I was 16 I could eat anything, but now that I'm a top athlete it's much more important to make sure I eat well. There isn't one cuisine that stands out, as long I can have fresh food and fresh vegetables. That's the most important thing."


Training During Lockdown

Schippers continued to train during the pandemic lockdowns. "Perhaps the most important tip is to stick to your rhythm," she told Technogym. "Eat healthily, get enough sleep and keep exercising, then you stay in balance both physically and mentally. It may be tempting for many people to hang out on the sofa and stream content but you will feel better in the end if you keep taking care of your body."

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