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Dynamite the Gladiator Shares Swimsuit Photo "by the Pool"

Dynamite by name and by nature.

Dynamite the Gladiator, real name Emily Steel, took a break from her intense training schedule to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand in Phuket, Thailand. The Gladiators star shared selfies from her trip, including ones of her posing on a sun lounger in a blue bikini, wearing a yellow anti-mosquito band on her wrist. Another picture shows her doing an impressive gymnastics pose by the pool. "We love a nice chill by the pool🧘🏽‍♀️💦Ps – The yellow bracelet is for special people that are easily munched on, due to having delicious blood🦟🥲 Swipe for the most elegant handstand I've ever done," she captioned the post. This is what Steel does to get her Gladiator physique.


She's Dynamite

Steel has been training in CrossFit since age 14, and chose the name Dynamite because she sees herself as small and explosive. "I'm too young to remember the original Gladiators, but my parents loved it and suggested I try out," she says. "Dynamite really does represent who I am and I'm excited to showcase what I can do in the games."


Kettlebell Workouts

Steel uses kettlebells at the gym, and likes to show off her fantastic gymnastic prowess. "Some tasty double kettlebell and gymnastics under fatigue with the boys yesterday @wagnerdo @hthomason14 👊🏻🔥," she captioned an Instagram post detailing her workout as follows:

100 T2B

Every break = 8 Dual KB snatch + 50ft HSW


100 HSPU

Every break = 8 Dual KB clean and jerk + 50ft OH lunge


A Day In the Life

Steel starts her day with protein-packed pancakes and fresh strawberries. She then goes for a swim before enjoying a beef bolognese with pasta for lunch, with a chocolate brownie for a treat. Steel then works out at the gym, using the resistance training equipment. Dinner is usually a plate of rice, protein, and vegetables.


Weighted Vest

Not only does Steel lift weights, she wears a weighted vest while working out or going for a run. "Weighted vests are also beneficial during less intense workouts," says Christopher Gaffney, Senior Lecturer in Integrative Physiology, Lancaster University. "One study found that when men wore a 9 kg weighted vest while walking uphill for ten minutes, their heart rate increased by ten additional beats per minute – a sign their body was working harder. They also burned 6% more calories while wearing the weighted vest compared with when they weren't wearing one. So doing something as simple as wearing a weighted vest on your daily dog walk could have a big benefit to your physical health – including your cardiovascular health and metabolism."


Overnight Oats

Steel loves overnight oats for a quick and healthy breakfast. "Eating oatmeal regularly can have weight management benefits as a half-cup of rolled oats cooked in a cup of water has 165 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein," says Romi Londre, RDN, CD, with the Mayo Clinic. "The fiber and protein content contribute to feeling full longer and a slower blood glucose release. Oats also are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, copper, thiamine and zinc."

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