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EastEnders Star Patsy Palmer In Yoga Gear Is "Fulfilling My Dreams"

"Wherever you are, it's inside of you."

Moving from the UK to California was clearly a good choice for British actress Patsy Palmer. The EastEnders star is living her best life as a wellness guru in Malibu, as seen from a recent social media post. Palmer, 51, shared a picture of herself wearing black workout gear, doing a yoga session with a group of women. "I am fulfilling my dreams & finding purpose. So proud of @avidretreats. The process is the gift. The doing it & the realization of what for is the magic. Wherever you are, it's inside of you just depends on what experience you need in that moment," she captioned the post. Here's what Palmer's health and wellness routine looks like these days.


Walking and Dancing

Palmer loves walking and dancing to stay fit and happy. "I walk from my house down the hill, I walk along Malibu Road or I walk along the beach when the tide is out but only when the tide is out otherwise you will get stuck," she told Legology. "We always take the dogs out after we've had dinner, so we always walk then. So yeah, if the weather is like this, but sometimes in the winter it's not so you can't get down here. I'm a DJ so dancing is my thing and I'm sure it gets my legs going. But my favorite song to dance to I think is 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' because the beginning of that gets me every time, it's a great track."


Living Her Best Life

Palmer loves the outdoorsy life she enjoys in California. "We live right opposite the beach. I do a lot of meditation and every day is an opportunity to dig deeper into yourself, which is the hardest thing for you to do," she told the How To Own The Room podcast. "One thing I would tell my younger self is, 'Keep the level of joy'. I am 52 in May and I have realized that life is super precious now. We thought we appreciated life 10 years ago, but now it is like, on steroids. I really love my life now and I don't take anything for granted."


Hair and Meditation

Palmer's Good & Proper brand has an unusual hair care line. "I've got a philosophy that everyone's been talking very kindly to my hair for years, they speak to it, it's a living organism, so it's like if you're talking to someone through their ears you can hear it," she told Legology. "So, I just have this philosophy that if you speak kindly to yourself, then you speak kindly to your hair, your hair will grow. The products are all about hair regrowth and it's about regrowth as a whole person because each product has its own guided meditation with it. I just want people to connect the brand with giving yourself 3 minutes, a little bit of time every day to meditate and repeat mantras."


Back To EastEnders

Palmer will briefly reprise her role as Bianca Jackson in EastEnders this fall. "I must admit, when I see people in EastEnders, when I go back to work it is like putting on an old pair of slippers," How To Own The Room podcast. "They are family. I spent more time with them when I was in the show than with any of my own family. All my work things used to control me, but now I am very much controlled by the most ­important things."


So Grateful

Palmer is thrilled with the work that brought her to this point in life. "I do have a few personas," she told the How To Own The Room podcast. "I am Patsy Palmer on TV, which is my acting name, and Julie, which is who I really am. I have the character name of Bianca Jackson, which is a big part of me, and I have got the mum tag—and this person in America who nobody knows about. But all these personas help me to get to do all this stuff. I am so grateful."

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