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Elena Rybakina in Workout Gear Jumps Rope At the Gym

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Tennis star Elena Rybakina went on a beautiful trip to Mexico, and shared the highlights on her social media. Rybakina, 24, shared an Instagram reel of the experience, including a short video of herself jumping rope in blue shorts and a white t-shirt. "Taking the best out of everything and focusing on the good. Gracias Mexico for making this stay memorable and cheering for us through all of sky's mood swings 🇲🇽," she captioned the post. Rybakina is the first Kazakhstani tennis player to ever win a major tournament—here's what keeps her focused on the court.


Jump Rope


Rybakina jumps rope as part of her training, which is a highly effective cardio exercise. "You can jump rope at a slow, steady pace if you want to use it as low-impact, steady-state cardio or you can increase the intensity with techniques like high knees or double-unders (when the rope passes under the feet twice per jump) if you want to use it for HIIT-style training," Mike Matthews, ISSA-certified personal trainer tells "Plus, if you're pushed for time and looking for an effective full-body workout, jumping rope is an excellent solution."


Wimbledon Success

Rybakina's 2022 Wimbledon success inspired her to have confidence in her game. "I think of course I got all the experience at Wimbledon and it's helping me now this time here in Australia and I know what to expect," she told PA Media. "I already did it once and of course I got confident that I can do it again. I did really good preparation with the team. I'm not really surprised with the results. I'm happy. I'm just hungry to work and improve more."


Ice Queen on the Court

Rybakina is known for her composure on the court, something she says gives her the edge against the competition. "I'm trying to be calm and not show if I'm upset or angry – no matter the situation," she told Mind Set Win podcast. "It helps me and maybe also sometimes confuses the opponents, especially in the beginning when nobody knew me. It took them longer to figure out my weak spots. Maybe other players are too angry or showing too many emotions, they work to become calmer, for me it's the opposite which is a bit rare."


Adrenaline Junkie


Rybakina is a bit of an adrenaline junkie—although her team doesn't always approve. "I like cars but I don't have my driver's license yet, I just haven't had time yet because I am always on the road," she told Mail Online. "I really like roller coasters as well, and I have ridden quite a lot of them in America. After a tournament it's sort of a treat. One of the things I want to do is jump out of an airplane, but my coaches are telling me this is not the right time. I think they are worried about the landing."


Covid Chaos

Rybakina was forced to stop training during the pandemic lockdowns. "It was tough, because I was at home in Moscow with my family and the restrictions were very hard there," she told Tennis Majors. "I couldn't get out of the apartment for two and a half months — only with a special permit. I didn't hold a racquet for two and a half months. I was just trying to do fitness as much as I could. I was following my diet. I was on the phone with my coach; we were watching some (of my old) matches together. It was a tough time, but also I enjoyed spending time with my family."

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