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Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Fit Figure and Shares Wellness Advice

Here is exactly how she looks half her age at 58.

Elizabeth Hurley is revealing all of the wellness secrets that keep her looking fit at 58. In a new social media post, the supermodel and beachwear designer answers some of her fans' most burning questions about her diet and workout – namely how she looks half her age. "One question I get asked all the time is, how do you stay in shape and what do you eat? So here goes," she started the Instagram post, showing off her famous curves in a bathing suit. What are the 6 rules that she follows? Celebwell has the answers. 


How and When She Eats Food

Elizabeth has a few dietary rules she follows, starting with the size of her meals and how and when she eats them. "My mantra is: don't eat too much, too fast, too often or too late. Or, put another way, eat smaller meals, chew properly, ban snacking and eat dinner earlier. This works for me," she writes in her post. 


No Green Juice or Shakes

So many stars swear by various green juice concoctions, smoothies, and protein shakes, but not Elizabeth. "I don't drink weird green juices or shakes," she says. She also refuses to take nutrients in pill form, with one exception. She only takes supplements "if a blood test tells me I'm lacking something," she says. 


She Fills Half Her Plate with Produce

Liz has an easy hack for getting lots of produce into her diet. "I try to have vegetables or fruit equal half of every plate I eat – ie if I have a sandwich, I also eat an apple," she says. 


She Eats Everything But Junk Food


The model sticks with a very clean diet. "I eat pretty much everything but only have junk food as an absolute treat – and I count junk food as anything that contains any ingredient that I don't have in my own kitchen, so that includes 'diet' and 'low-fat' everything, all ready meals, all bought sandwiches, cakes and biscuits and all sodas," Elizabeth says. 


She Makes Baked Goods

Elizabeth doesn't shy away from carbs and baked goods. But, she makes them herself. "My best investment was a bread maker and I make a loaf a day. I also make cakes every weekend," she says. 



She Is "Extremely Active"

Liz also moves her body, but doesn't go to the gym. "Other than diet, my other advice is to move more. I don't go to the gym or do any set exercise but I'm extremely active. There endeth the sermon. Let me know if this makes sense for you," she concluded her post. 

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