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Elley Duhé in Workout Gear Says the "Healing Process is Not Linear"

Duhé captioned the post, “The healing process is not linear.”

Elley Duhé is a beloved singer from Mobile, Alabama, known for her songs like, "Free Me," "Face Myself," and "Middle of The Night." Duhé shared a photo on her Instagram story of herself working out. In it, she does hip thrusts. Duhé captioned the post, "The healing process is not linear." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Elley Duhé stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Worked Hard

Duhé opened up about her career in an interview with Euphoria Magazine. "I went through three or four years of me meeting with publishing companies, labels, A&R, all of these industry people, and getting rejected. I'd get brought in, they'd be excited, but then I'd get rejected. But having to go through that and having a lot of doors close in your face, receiving a lot of criticism in those early stages of my career, it's helped me build a tough skin. It was really hard, but I mean, I loved it. I love music more than anything – it's been like a lifesaver for me. One of the hardest things I'll ever do in life is trying to do what I love, and make money at it. You know, have a successful career and fanbase."


She Has Support

Duhé tells Euphoria Magazine that she has learned to surround herself with people who support her. "Every experience is a lesson and something to take and learn from it. This industry is a hard business, and you have to navigate it very carefully. I've tried to do that by surrounding myself with good people. I've been blessed with an amazing team that continues to build and grow, and people that really care. I think it's finding people that genuinely care and are good people and conduct themselves in this industry with a conscience, you know? I've also worked with people that are more about the bottom line, and that's been interesting – to work with people in that capacity and have it be beneficial in the long run. I've done the label journey, it's exactly why I moved out here – to get signed. And I did get signed a year later, and through that whole process – I learned."


She Believes In Herself

Duhé tells Euphoria Magazine that she made sure to always believe in herself. "You think being signed is supposed to be the greatest when you're young. It's like – I'm going to Hogwarts, you think you've gotten the golden ticket. And then when you get into it, you're like – oh, this is not at all what I thought. This is going to be like climbing a mountain. And through that process, I've been reborn into who I really am, gotten to know myself and really find myself as hard as it was. There were many times I didn't feel heard or respected. But I never stopped believing in myself."


She Dances


Dancing is such an important release for humans 🥹 i hope u dance and dance to my music 💃🌅🕺🏻

♬ FREE ME – Elley Duhé

 Duhé loves to dance to stay in shape. She shared this video on her TikTok of herself dancing on the beach. In it, she used her song, "Free Me." Duhé captioned the post, "Dancing is such an important release for humans 🥹 i hope u dance and dance to my music." Better Health states that dance has a lot of benefits. "Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness. Dancing is a great way to meet new friends."


She's Healed

Elley Duhé/Instagram

Duhé opened up about healing from her trauma to Euphoria. "You have to continue to heal and work through things, but my heart has grown so much. You're the one who really suffers if you continue to mull over things that were unfair, it'll eat away at you. I'm moving forward and I'm going to show people that didn't even realize how they hurt me. I'm going to win by being the best, most loving, fullest version of myself."

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