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Ellie Thumann In White Workout Gear is in Her "Happy Place"

She’s back at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Ellie Thumann is showing off her new athleisure fashion choices in the fashion capital of the world: New York City. Thumann, 22, shared pictures of herself walking down the street in white shorts and a matching sports bra, looking effortlessly stylish in her yoga gear. "@alo + nyc," she captioned the post. "Love these!" commented model and influencer Lexi Wood. She also posted a workout video captioned "happy place @alo." Thumann returned to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit this year—here's what her fitness routine looks like.


Sports Illustrated Dreams


Thumann is thrilled to be part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit family. "It gives me purpose and makes me feel so fulfilled as it's something that has been a dream of mine for years," she told The Bare Magazine. "Their entire team truly feels like a family and always have me cracking up and feeling my most confident. I was so nervous about shooting with them at first, but by the end of it, I understood the feeling that all the other girls have described, which is feeling so empowered and comfortable! It's been the biggest blessing to me!"


Pilates and Walking

Ellie Thumann/Instagram

Thumann prefers more gentle forms of exercise. "I really focus on Pilates and getting my steps in outdoors," she told The Bare Magazine. "I have never been into heavy weight lifting or high intensity classes. It just personally has never made me feel my best and I feel so empowered when I'm doing Pilates or a mat exercise! I've never followed a strict diet because I've always enjoyed eating healthy, and I think by looking at it in a positive way like that, it makes it a lot better on my own mindset and makes eating healthy super enjoyable!"


Soup From Scratch

Ellie Thumann/Instagram

Thumann loves making soup from scratch. "Growing up, that was my mom's favorite thing to make for us whenever we were just feeling under the weather or overwhelmed," she told Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. "It just became a very comforting thing to me, especially when [my] appetite feels a little off, a heavy meal [is just] a lot for me if I'm anxious. Soup has always just been like the easiest, coziest thing for me to make."


Therapeutic Cooking

Ellie Thumann/Instagram

Thumann finds cooking very therapeutic. "I feel like especially when I'm anxious or just want to feel a little bit relaxed and at peace, soup always helps me with that," she told Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. "There's also something so comforting about just being in the kitchen, listening to my favorite peaceful country music and just making a good old soup. It never misses every single time. Making soup is literally my favorite thing."


Style and Fashion

Ellie Thumann/Instagram

Thumann is confident in her style choices. "I dress for comfort, and I think with that sometimes I might look a little silly, but I've learned to really be comfortable in my own skin and found that baggy jeans or parachute pants are truly such a go to for me!" she told The Bare Magazine. "A street comfy style is how I would describe my personal style!"

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