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Emily In Paris Star Kate Walsh Shares Swimsuit Photo From French Polynesia

She's ticking off her bucket list.

Emily In Paris star Kate Walsh went on a bucket-list-worthy trip to French Polynesia filled with fun and adventure. Walsh, who plays Madeline Wheeler on the hit Netflix show, shared an incredible video of herself wearing a wetsuit and full scuba gear, swimming underwater with beautiful ocean life. "Diving w/ @lindbladexp in the deep blue sea with the magical manta rays & ALL the fishes," she captioned the post. Walsh say she loves a challenge—here's how she lives a fun and fulfilling life.


Hiking and Pilates

Walsh's workouts change depending on which city she is in. "When I'm at home in L.A., I hike with the dogs, but since I'm in New York, I do Pilates mixed with hot yoga," she says. "I do some weight training, too. I like to eat food, so I've been eating out a lot, but I try to do a high-fat and low-carb diet. We're sort of socialized to stay away from fats in our culture, when it's actually the opposite; sugars and carbs are the ones that are bad, our brains are 60% fat. We need good fats, and the proof is in the blood work. I went and had a physical after doing a year of high fat—including animal fats—and my numbers were great. My cholesterol went down, my bone density went up, so that's really interesting."


Aging Gracefully


Walsh has no interest in trying to look the same as she did when she was 20. "This idea that we're supposed to stay the same, or stay how we were when we were 20 to when we're 30, when we're 40, when we're 50 — that's just a fallacy," she says, emphasizing the importance of making changes when needed. "Whether it's skincare or haircare, getting enough sleep, or just the changes that happen or have happened physically [as you age]."


Staying Hydrated


Walsh takes her own water cooler around. "Clearly [I drink a lot of water]—I bring my own water cooler," she says. "Lemon is great because the alkaline balances your body. I feel like I'm winning if I drink one of these [jugs] a day, plus a couple more glasses. This will make you do it. It's like a giant sippy cup. Nikki Glaser is like, 'You actually bring your own water cooler—we're having a water cooler conversation right now because you brought yours with you.'"


She Loves a Challenge


Walsh is thriving with every year that passes. "No one really tells you what it's like to get older — but it's pretty fabulous if you go with the flow and make the changes that you need to make to take care of yourself," she says. "Every challenge, in many ways, post-50 has also been a great gift. It's just more information on how to take better care of myself and how to live well."


Lots of Rest and Meditation

Walsh says she keeps her energy levels up with vitamins and lots of rest. "Rest is highly underrated in America, but we need to sleep a lot," she says. "I have to get eight hours, that's why I'm a little, like, cranky today. I was like, 'Oh, I only got five hours' sleep!' because I'm on a theater schedule, so I'm used to staying up late and then sleeping in until, like, 10. Meditation is a huge part of my lifestyle, but I'm a big proponent of resting. When I was younger, I thought, 'I'm going to always want to work 70 hours a week!' And then you get older and you're like, 'I don't want to work that hard. I need rest.' I'm much more productive."

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