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Esmery Martinez in Workout Gear is "Locked In"

"Locked in, staying focused and staying ready."

Esmery Martinez is showing off her new kicks – in her workout clothes. In a new social media post the basketball star shows off her fit figure in exercise clothes in a new ad campaign. "@smeri.martinez Locked in, staying focused and staying ready 🇩🇴🏀🔥 #moolahkicks," the Instagram caption reads. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 



When she isn't on the court you can find Esmery on the golf course. "Mi día día 😎😂," she captioned a post. A comprehensive review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that golf's health benefits are extensive, including mind, body, and even lifespan. Benefits include improved longevity, decreased risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke, good mental health, and improved strength and balance.


She's the First Dominican Born Basketball Player Drafted Into the WNBA

Esmery made history when she became the first Dominican basketball star drafted into the WNBA. However, after the New York Liberty chose her as the 17th pick of the draft and the fifth pick of the second round, they waived her ahead of opening day.




@crimzy @Sali Kourouma 24 🥰 ✌🏽#fyp

♬ son original – Crimzy Officiel 🎭

Esmery enjoys dancing. She regularly shares TikTok clips showing off her moves. Dancing is a great workout for many reasons. Not only does it build strength and promote flexibility, but helps you lose weight and even promotes cardiovascular function. A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine determined that people who engaged in moderate-intensity dancing were 46 percent less likely to develop heart disease or die from it than non-dancers. In comparison, moderate-intensity walkers were just 25 percent less likely to suffer heart health issues.




Esmery has to run a lot around the court, so running is part of her routine. According to the Mayo Clinic, running is great for cardiovascular health, muscle building, and weight loss. "For every mile run, the average person will burn approximately 100 calories," they say. 



Esmery spends hours on the court daily playing basketball.  "Basketball promotes speed, agility, strength, power and endurance. It [has] also been shown to increase flexibility and motor coordination. As a result, basketball is uniquely oriented to improve fundamental motor skills that are shown to be beneficial in promoting general health," Koco Eaton, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, founder of Eaton Orthopaedics and a former basketball player, tells Nike

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