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ESPN Host Monica McNutt Shares Swimsuit Photo From Grenada

Here are her top health habits.

Monica McNutt is keeping things hot in Grenada in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts shared from a tropical vacation, the ESPN host flaunts her incredible body in a yellow bathing suit. "Sun up, brim down," she captioned the set of Instagram snaps. "Ok legsss," commented one of her followers. "I'm here for all swimsuit pictures of Monica!!" added another. How does the sunbathing beauty keep herself fit and happy? She has a few simple health habits she prioritizes on a daily basis. 


Self-Care and Mindfulness


Monica is all about self-care. "The only [routine] thing I try to be mindful to create for myself is at least one day off a week— completely off," Monica told XONecole. "I'm very mindful of that self-care time, which is a dope bath, with Epsom salts, candles, music. The nature of the beast is keeping up—whether it's a game broadcast or a studio broadcast or the podcast. It's important to take that time to recharge."


Regular Gym Workouts

You can Monica at the gym "regularly," she told the publication. "I travel with gym clothes, and even if I [only] have 20 minutes, I'm going to get that 20 minutes to get some sweat in. As I've gotten older, I start to feel wired and almost anxious. Working out is hugely important to me."


Surrounding Herself with Love

Monica says that keeping an "intimate circle" around is "hugely important" to her. "I kind of argue with them sometimes as to whether I'm an introvert. I don't know! I just draw a lot of energy from solo time. The nature of my career path is to have on the 'on' switch. I don't know if people realize the energy that requires, so when I get to spend time with my man or my friends and do nothing, I relish the opportunity to do nothing. When my time is free, I'm doing nothing, on purpose," she told the publication.



Monica trains at Harlem Kettlebell Club – a fitness studio specializing in the weights. "I'm big on Wellness & know that looks different for everybody. Personally a good gym session is part of my wellness equation but that doesn't mean you always love it in midst of it. S/o to @saneetarenee for helping me work off the week on Friday. Make time to take care of yourself, y'all. Be good to you," she captioned a recent post of her kettlebell workout.



Basketball is one of Monica's go-to workouts and actitvities. "Basketball promotes speed, agility, strength, power and endurance. It [has] also been shown to increase flexibility and motor coordination. As a result, basketball is uniquely oriented to improve fundamental motor skills that are shown to be beneficial in promoting general health," Koco Eaton, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, founder of Eaton Orthopaedics and a former basketball player, tells Nike

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