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Eva Longoria in Tennis Workout Gear is "In My Greatest Hits Era"

Here’s the new sport she’s excelling at.

You can officially add padel tennis to the laundry list of workouts Eva Longoria does to stay fit, healthy, and happy. Longoria, 48, shared a video of herself wearing a black tennis skirt and top, playing the game on an enclosed court. "In my greatest hits era 😏🏓," she captioned the post. Longoria is open about how important being fit is to her life and her work—here's exactly what her exercise regimen looks like these days.


Eat Right, Work Out


Longoria is honest about the work she puts into looking and feeling good. "I do a lot. I'm a runner, I do yoga, I do Pilates, I do SoulCycle and I'm constantly mixing it up," she tells PEOPLE. "And I watch what I eat. Everybody thinks there's some kind of secret to looking good, but it's not a secret. It's diet and exercise. I drink a lot of water. I got those 'Starbucks cups' that everyone has. They're the hard cups with the straw. I just fill those up with water and for some reason, when it has a straw, I'm able to drink more water than before. It feels like I'm drinking a soda even though I'm not."


Trampoline Workouts

Longoria started trampoline workouts after having kids and she loves it. "I work out five, six times a week, but my workouts are my mental health hour," she tells The Healthy. "I really need that energy and endorphins in the morning to really function throughout the day. So I love that it obviously has great side effects of being in shape, but for me it really clears my mind and I'm a better mom, and I'm a better businesswoman, and I'm a better wife because I get those endorphins first thing in the morning… Bouncing on the trampoline was amazing. And it's also great for your mind. It's a lot of mental gymnastics as well with sequencing, and memorization, and it's like a dance routine, and so it's creative. I mean, it was really servicing everything I was looking for at the time. And then I supplement that with weight training. I do a lot of weight training with my trainer."


Beauty From Within

Longoria is a strong proponent of women focusing on their personality before looks. "I'm really cliche, but I think beauty comes from within," she tells Cosmopolitan UK. "I think there's nothing more beautiful than when a confident, smart, secure woman walks into the room. My mom taught me that, so even though I grew up as the ugly duckling of my family, I didn't have a bad relationship with beauty. What it taught me was don't depend on it. I knew I was going to be the smart one, I knew I was going to be the funny one, so even though I'm on the 'Most Beautiful List' or an Ambassador for L'Oréal, it doesn't solely define me."


Natural Beauty

Longoria is very into the no-makeup look these days. "My favorite beauty era is right now. I'm going through a very natural phase; I love less makeup and less styling on the hair," she tells Cosmopolitan UK. "I'm from Texas, so I've been through many phases of lots of makeup and then being on red carpets, with up-dos and hair extensions – I'm kind of done with it all now. I'm into more 'no makeup makeup', which is actually harder to do…"


Sunblock Is Key

Longoria never skips sunblock both for beauty and for skin health. "I've always been someone to eat right, exercise, and take care of my skin," she tells PEOPLE. "I feel like all of those things really lay a foundation in which you can build beauty on top of. If you don't have good skin then all the makeup in the world can't help it. Use sunblock. My mom was the sunblock police. It was an important lesson because of the skin that you take care of your 20s is the skin you will have in your 40s. Especially for Latinas. Many feel like I've got dark skin therefore I don't need sunblock, but that's just not true. All skin types need protection from UV rays."

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