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Eva Longoria Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Last Days of Summer"

It’s always bikini season for the actress.

Eva Longoria is soaking up the sun as summer draws to a close, taking advantage of the warm weather to get some beach time. Longoria, 48, shared a picture of herself posing on the sand in a hot pink swimsuit, completing the look with a gold necklace and straw hat. "Enjoying these last few days of summer," she captioned the post. "Stunning," a fan commented. How does the actress do it? Here are 5 ways she takes care of her mental and physical health. 


Move Your Body

Longoria makes working out a priority—no gym required. "We tend to overthink our workout routine—'I don't have a gym membership, I don't have equipment at home,'—you don't need anything to be active," she says. "Moving your body is a start… Wake up an hour earlier and go to the gym. I promise you're gonna have way more time during the day because it just energizes you and your brain in a very different way than if you don't."


No Fad Diets


Longoria focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle over restrictive diets. "There's no diet and exercise program that really can save anybody. It's a lifestyle choice," she says. "You have to live your life in a healthy way. And for me, working out is my mental health. I don't follow any fads or diets, but I know what my body reacts to. I just live a healthy lifestyle and don't do anything in excess. I don't really like bread. I'm not like, 'I don't eat bread'—I just don't enjoy it. I didn't grow up with it. I'm Mexican. We grew up with tortillas… There's no secret. Everybody wants the secret. There's really no secret."


Meditation For Mental Health

Longoria takes time every day to meditate and center herself. "I meditate every day—it really grounds me—and I work out," she says. "That's my mental health hour. I need the oxygen to my brain to function properly."


Personal Trainer Five Times a Week


Longoria works out with personal trainer Julia Brown first thing in the morning, five days a week. "Never later than 8 a.m.," Brown says. "We break the days into specific muscle groups or full body with an emphasis on a certain muscle group. She doesn't miss a day."


Skincare Maximalist

Longoria calls herself a "maximalist" when it comes to her skincare routine. "Right now I'm very much into the Facify Beauty Wand, which is this face massager," she says. "It has these rotating balls, you turn it on, and it vibrates, rotates, heats up, and cools. It's this great little machine. I use it every day, especially when I'm shooting, and it just gets the blood flowing. You're doing a facial massage, like doing the work of gua sha but easier because these balls are electronic and they're moving for you. And then I'm using the Lyma Laser lately. Oh my God, I noticed such a difference. Those two have been my go-tos."

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