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Extraction 2 Star Tako Tabatadze Shares Swimsuit Photo Of "Wonderful Autumn Day"

Here are her beauty lifestyle tips.

Extraction 2 star Tako Tabatadze doesn't allow the seasons to dictate when she can and can't wear a swimsuit. Tabatadze, who plays Mariam Radiani in the movie, shared a picture of herself posing in the sunshine in a bright bikini. "Such a wonderful autumn day…🧡," she captioned the post. Tabatadze is always on the move, raising her family while working hard—here's how she takes care of herself.


Skin Exfoliation

Tabatadze swears by regular exfoliation for bright, healthy skin. Experts say while exfoliation can be beneficial, it's important not to be too rough with your skin. "Our skin cells naturally exfoliate on their own," said Chicago-based dermatologist Caroline Robinson. "Products and tools that help us exfoliate are designed to encourage a healthy behavior our skin does naturally."


Shea Butter


Tabatadze uses shea butter as part of her beauty routine, which is packed with vitamins A and E. "It can be especially helpful for dry, reactive skin," says dermatologist Alok Vij, MD. "Vitamin A is crucial for skin health. Since the 1970s, we've used retinoids — synthetic forms of vitamin A — to firm skin and reduce wrinkles." Dr. Vij recommends caution from those who have acne, and shea butter could make it worse.


Bathing Beauty

Tabatadze enjoys the many physical and mental health benefits of baths. "Taking a bath has great physical and mental health benefits," says Amy Zack, MD. "Soaking in a tub is something many people have access to but don't take advantage of enough. But it can be beneficial for a lot of people. Bathing cleans your skin, helping you avoid irritation, inflammation and sores caused by dead skin cell accumulation. It can also help you clear away the bacterial and fungal load from contact in your environment. As that accumulates, it increases your risk of infection."


Coffee Drinker

Coffee is Tabatadze's favorite way to stay energized through a busy day. "Research suggests that regular, moderate coffee consumption can lower people's risk of developing a range of liver diseases – including cancer, fibrosis (scar tissue that builds up within the liver) and cirrhosis (the result of a long-term build up of scar tissue within the liver)," according to a report from the British Liver Trust. "Coffee's effects on cholesterol levels are largely dependent on the method of brewing. Filtered coffee is not associated with a significant increase in cholesterol levels, while boiled coffee can raise cholesterol levels."


Ice Cream Lover

Ice cream is Tabatadze's favorite treat. "If you're going to eat ice cream, you can get a little more out of the treat by choosing one with protein," says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD. "But I wouldn't suggest relying on ice cream as a main protein source… Accept ice cream for what it is, which is a treat and indulgence. It's OK for some foods to provide us with pleasure — and it's important to take in those moments with gratitude and joy."

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