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Faith Kipyegon In Workout Gear Is "Back In Full Training"

“We can’t wait to see you at the trials.”

Kenyan runner Faith Kipyegon is ready for the Olympic trials! Kipyegon, 30, shared a picture of herself wearing gray running pants and a black shirt, surrounded by pairs of running shoes. "I've been building in a great way during the past months for a beautiful season ahead. Some weeks back I got a small muscle problem that was handled well. I'm now back in full training, focusing to start my season in 4 weeks time at the Kenyan Trials for the Olympic Games. I saw my name announced for @preclassic, it's one of the greatest competitions in the circuit and I plan to compete there again in 2025 💗," she captioned the post. "We can't wait to see you at the trials," a fan commented. Here's how Kipyegon stays focused and strong.


Barefoot Runner

Kipyegon is infamous for running barefoot when she was a junior, but switched to shoes with Wavelight technology. "It's an improved shoe, but I don't think the shoe is running – I'm running," she told the Irish Examiner. "I just put the shoe on, believe in myself and go and break the world record. I believe in the training; the technology comes after." She has no intention of running without shoes anymore.


Marathon Running

Kipyegon wants to try more marathon running after training with different types of runners. "Training with marathoners has opened my mind," she told Runner's World. "I want to see myself at longer distances in the future. I could do the marathon in future and follow the footsteps of Eliud [Kipchoge] and Geoffrey [Kamworor]."


Motherhood and Ambition

Faith Kipyegon/Instagram

Kipyegon says motherhood has sharpened her ambition and made her even more determined to succeed. "Now that I'm a mother, I have to focus more on my career for the sake of my child," she told Runner's World. "Since Alyn came into this world, she has been my life. Now I'm a focused athlete, I have someone to take care of so I put my heart, my head, everything, for her."


Postpartum Training

Kipyegon was careful about getting back into training after welcoming her daughter Alyn in 2018. "I went to my coach, and he told me to take my time, I followed all the things he told me,"  she told Runner's World. "I can say it was not easy. The food I was eating was normal food. I was eating chapati, chips, everything."


Restarting Her Career

Kipyegon says she is now stronger than ever. "The motherhood journey has made me strong," she told the Irish Examiner. "I was so afraid, (thinking): 'Maybe I will not come back, I will just disappear.' Every lady, their mind goes like that. I thought it was the end of my career, but it was the beginning."

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