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FBI: Most Wanted Star Wendy Moniz Shares Swimsuit Photo of "End of Summer Blues"

What she really thinks of Kevin Costner.

FBI: Most Wanted star Wendy Moniz is mourning the passing of the seasons and missing the warm weather. Moniz, 54, who plays April Brooks on the show, shared pictures of herself wearing a dark bikini and frolicking in her pool, taking advantage of the sunshine to get one more pool day in before fall weather made it impossible. "End of summer blues💦," she captioned the post. "Cute pics, baby!" commented friend Chelsea Handler. Here's what Moniz has to say about life and work.


Skiing In Vail

Wendy Moniz/Instagram

Moniz loves skiing in Vail, Colorado. "I went skiing & brought my bestie⛷️⛷️Thank you @paramountnetwork @paramountplus for an amazing weekend…such a GREAT group of people. I'm very grateful to be part of the family!" she captioned an Instagram post of herself posing with a friend on the slopes.


Strong Role Model


Moniz is excited to represent strong women on screen. "From an actor's point of view, it's a thrill to be playing a powerful woman in a world of men and to be able to hold your ground, stand on your own, and then to be strong," she says. "I don't think you see a lot of that on television. Hats off to Taylor because he has created a world with really strong women and even more so this season as we see a bunch of new faces. I mean, earlier it was Beth and Monica and myself, but there this year, there are several others."


Soap Opera Roots

Wendy Moniz/Instagram

Moniz is proud of her soap opera roots [Guiding Light] as it taught her a lot. "Being on a soap opera could be considered low on the totem pole and starting out, for me, it was just a great place to train and work every day," she says. "I loved every minute of it. And I'll tell you, I learned a lot… to be disciplined and when you have to turn out an episode a day, or whatever it was, it's been a long time, we're going back to the early nineties, but you had to turn out a lot. And, God bless the writers for those shows. The writing was always tricky. So what I learned was to really take some time with the writing that was not as strong as it is now, when you go into primetime TV and working with other writers."


Learning New Language

Wendy Moniz/Instagram

Moniz says auditioning for Yellowstone was very challenging. "It was like another language, like the way the laws are with the livestock commission and what was going on with the reservations," she says. "My audition was not huge, but I just felt like I needed to really research what was going on.  I did Google the region's governors to get a sense…mostly I just looked up what it was, what goes on in that part of the country. It felt like I was so not versed in any of it and felt kind of ignorant about it. And I thought it was fictional. And then I started researching it and like, 'Oh, no, wait a minute.' There are stories [and] this is happening now, or this has happened in the past, with these stories of people…"


Love For Costner

Wendy Moniz/Instagram

Moniz plays Senator Lynelle Perry on Yellowstone and loves working with Kevin Costner. "We definitely had a natural ease with each other out of the gate and it came across on screen it seems," she says. "I think sometimes people have chemistry naturally and sometimes they don't, and they have to fake it and it still works. It's that intangible thing. Working with him has just been really easy and a pleasure and we find humor in our scenes together and playfulness and I think that helps with the dynamic too."

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