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Fire Country Star Stephanie Arcila in Swimsuit Gets "Vitamin D"

She is all about meditation and breathing.

Fire Country actress Stephanie Arcila had a blast over the summer, soaking up the sun at the beach in Los Angeles. Arcila, 33, shared a picture of herself posing in a bright bikini on Malibu Beach with two girlfriends, looking like they were having the time of their lives. "Vitamina D ☀️," she captioned the post. "Excuse meeee — somebody call Fire Country to put out this fire!" commented actress Inga Schlingmann. Arcila's career is only going from strength to strength—here's how she does it.


Fire Country Boot Camp

Shooting Fire Country was intense, Arcila reveals. "It was like a boot camp all at once," she says. "I had a blast, though. I'm in the best shape of my life now because of Fire Country, because I had to get strong to be able to carry all of the heavy stuff that we carry, and to be able to do all of our action stuff. I've learned so much from all of my castmates who are incredibly talented. And watching Max and Kevin [Alejandro, who plays Manny] direct their episodes was really beautiful. It's so inspiring to watch your coworkers dive into other departments, because they know the story and they're already immersed in it. I'm excited and I want to shadow every single department, so I can learn even more."


Online Classes and Workouts


Arcila was forced to slow down when production halted due to the pandemic. "I'm used to going all the time, not stopping, working, and staying busy," she says. "The first week was a little tough for me, but then I managed to sit down to see how I was feeling and figure out what I can do to help myself mentally. I started realizing I had so many things I had to do that I've always wanted to do, which never had the time to do. There are plenty of books and do a bunch of my friends workout. I'm taking three online classes, spending time with my dog, and cleaning the house every single corner. I'm a clean freak, so I've always wanted to do that. Staying busy, taking it easy, and giving myself those moments of rest as well without feeling guilty."


Constant Soot and Dirt

Arcila is fine about getting constantly dirty for her Fire Country role. "I don't mind getting dirty," she says. "It's funny, because when I was little my mom was like, 'You can go out in a white dress and come back with your dress super clean,' because I hated getting dirty. But now I don't care, I'll roll around in the mud. It's actually more fun! Like, if it's raining and there's a puddle and I feel like being a kid and jumping in it, I do it."


Meditation and Exercise

Arcila relied on exercise and meditation to get through the pandemic lockdowns. "I've been productive within certain measures," she says. "I try to do things for myself and for my growth. Meditating helps me with this quarantine and it helps my acting as well. I create a lot of characters through my meditation and a lot of my character's stories, lives and I use a lot of imagery work. It's all about self-love and I know this is all helping me grow as a person and to better myself. If I better myself right now, I can give that energy out and be able to help other people as well."


Going With the Flow

Arcila has learned to let go of certain stresses for her own mental health. "I worked on myself trusting, having patience, and understanding that things are not always in my control," she says. "It was accepting and the releasing of things–not about the attachment of things. I've worked on that for about three years now. I have a peace about it on what's meant to be for me. What's going to happen is going to happen. The way things pan out is the way they are supposed to. Things just flow in the way they're supposed to."

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