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Fitness Influencer Massy Arias in Workout Gear Says "Time To Bring That Fire Back"

Here are her weight loss tips.

Fitness influencer Massy Arias has encouraging words for anyone feeling stuck in a rut with their fitness and exercise routine. Arias, 34, shared a video of herself warming up in the gym wearing a white tank top and lilac leggings. "Well, time to bring that fire back and get you guys moving in different ways. Here are some of the warm up moves I did coming back to Muay Thai. Change is coming tribe and as we embark on this change, so will the workouts and the movement that has empowered you for many years through my movement," she captioned the inspiring post. Here's what Arias' diet, training, and fitness advice looks like.


No Long Cardio Sessions

Arias tries not to spend hours on straight cardio during her training sessions. "My exercise routine changes from time to time," she told Women Fitness. "I am always looking for ways to challenge my body, so it is constantly improving. As of today, I weight train my lower and upper body twice a week and perform yoga three times a week to increase my flexibility and overall core strength. I am not a huge fan of long steady cardio sessions, so I love combining my weight training days with cardio at the same time. This is how I developed my #Ma30day program and how I stay in great shape all year around. I've had to learn how to cut down time in the gym and get the most out of my workouts."


Pescatarian Diet

Arias enjoys a protein-packed, pescatarian diet. "My diet is very diverse," she told Women's Fitness. "I try to incorporate all food groups to never feel deprived and stay focused all year around. Balance is key for me. I always treat myself to things I passionately love (cookies, cupcakes), but I do follow a 'fixed' regulated diet 90% of the time. Right now I've transitioned to a more plant based/pescaterian lifestyle and I can honestly say I feel like a brand new person. Upon waking: because I don't have a long time to digest breakfast before training I make myself a 'protein latte'. One should never workout on an empty stomach and leg day requires energy."


Endorphin Rush

For Arias, regular exercise is about mental as well as physical wellbeing. "Since exercise releases endorphins in your body that make you feel good, it is the tool I use to keep myself grounded, focused, and live an exciting life," she told ClicheMag. "I am always finding new ways of staying active and that means meeting new people, visiting new places I never thought I'd go to, and keeping my mind occupied while doing something positive. I usually end up doing things I've never done before and getting a kick out of them. There is never a day where I don't meet someone I find really cool and have a great time. My day is full of positive energy and that's why fitness is my escape to a happy place."


Progress, Not Perfection

Arias has sensible advice for anyone trying to lose weight and improve their fitness. "If you are really out of shape, you can start walking because walking will soon turn into jogging, then running, and finally you will be sprinting," she told ClicheMag. "Your body is a machine that adapts to the stress you put it through. Don't get discouraged because you are not at the level you want to be yet. If you strive for progress, you will always stay positive because every day you are trying to become a better version than you were yesterday. Don't quit because you're not getting there as fast as you thought."


Self-Made Woman

Arias taught herself how to work out after suffering from depression as a teenager. "My journey hasn't been easy but I can say it has been truly rewarding," she told Women Fitness. "I started exercising as a way of beating depression and became so in love with the lifestyle that it became my passion. Having no background in training or sports, meant I had to teach myself about everything I didn't know. Exercise gave me such a positive 'rush', all I wanted to do was learn more and do more with my body. I continued progressing physically while sharing my journey with others, until I became certified and had the guts to do my first bootcamp class. I became even more passionate about fitness once I realized the positive impact I was able to spark in people's lives."

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