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Food Network Star Katie Lee Biegel Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Boat Day"

Here’s what her diet and exercise routine looks like.

Food Network star Katie Lee Biegel enjoyed a day out on the water in Southampton, New York with husband Ryan. Biegel, 42, looked stunning in a black bikini as she posed next to Ryan on a boat, against a background of sparkling ocean water. "Boat day ⚓️," she captioned the post. "You all are a great looking couple, looks like so much fun," a fan commented. Biegel has spoken about her journey back to feeling like herself postpartum—here's how she did it.


Lots of Vegetables

Biegel is a WW ambassador. "I always look at my plate and try to make it 70 to 80% vegetables," she says. "I want a colorful diet. If you load up on the good stuff, you can crowd out the bad stuff… I love the [WW] program, and it is really easy for someone like me to be able to follow it. If I'm recipe testing and I'm making something that's more indulgent, I can eat it and still be on my plan. I just adapt the rest of my day to stay within my points. And I'm enjoying trying to make lower-point recipes."


Same Breakfast Every Day

Biegel's husband makes her breakfast every morning. "I'm a creature of habit," she says. "Since I had the baby, I've been eating the same breakfast every day… a bowl of oats, chia seeds and flax. He tops it with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, granola, almond butter and almond milk. "[For lunch] I usually have either a salad or a turkey sandwich. I love Dave's Killer Bread (the thin-slice kind) with some avocado, hummus and a big handful of baby spinach. I'm always looking for a way to get some extra vegetables or fruits in."


Salmon For Supper


Biegel loves protein and omega-3-packed salmon for dinner. "We love a sheet-pan supper," she says. "We look at what vegetables and proteins we have. I'm a big salmon eater—the Whole Foods' salmon is my favorite and it's always $9.99 per pound, which I think is such a good deal. I don't take care of myself nearly as well as I used to. I don't exercise every day. Sometimes I'm grabbing something easy, or I forget to eat lunch and I eat [too many] snack foods in the afternoon. I'm still trying to master balance."


Postpartum Pilates

Biegel lost the postpartum baby weight by taking it one day at a time and being sensible. "I power walk every day with Iris in her stroller, I do postnatal and Pilates workouts on Obe Fitness, and I use my WW app," she says. "I finally feel like my body is back—not only because of the number on the scale, but I feel like I am back to feeling strong and healthy… It takes time mommas. It's been 10 months for me. I'm still not 100% where I was (my pants are two sizes bigger and they very well might stay that way, which is fine), and I want to continue to work on my overall wellness, but I'm headed in the right direction."



Quick Dinners

Biegel has certain dishes and ingredients always on rotation. "The key is to keep a well-stocked pantry and cook from it. I always turn to pasta when I don't know what to make," she says. "I love a quick recipe, like a lemon pasta or a spinach-artichoke pasta. Canned beans are another necessity. I put them on a salad for a boost of protein or mix them with some greens and add some chopped veggies for something a little heartier. Beans, pasta, and greens are your go-tos. With those things on hand, you can always make a quick dinner."

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