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Former Nickelodeon Star Daniella Monet Shares "Hot" Swimsuit Photo 

She’s a passionate vegan. 

Victorious star and singer Daniella Monet spent a much-needed moms weekend with friends in Scottsdale, Arizona. Monet, 34, shared pictures of the girls trip, with the group soaking up the desert sun in a variety of different swimsuits and bikinis. "If you want to get stuff done, hang out with moms. Here's what we can do in 24hrs 😏 and don't think a full recap reel isn't coming… give you all steamy the deets. Steamy, like it was hot, at least 90+ degrees hot 🔥," she captioned the post. Monet is passionate about food and fitness—here are 5 lifestyle tips she lives by.


Vegan Lifestyle

Monet follows a vegan lifestyle and is raising her family to do so too. "I went vegetarian at about 5 years old when I visited a Dude Ranch with my family and saw a rodeo," she says. "It was traumatizing and I made a conscious decision at that age to never eat animals again. When I started middle school, I read a book that exposed a lot of the truth about the food industry and encouraged a healthful lifestyle through a guide to living vegan. It was a mostly simple transition that made me feel so much better about myself, inside and out."


Full Body Workout

Monet loves sharing workouts with her fans—like this one. "Find a staircase and a resistance band, or go without for an all calisthenics routine (exercises using no equipment)," she says.




1 min stair climb

1 min lunges

*Repeat 3 times


Upper Body:

1 min tricep dips

1 min push-ups

*Repeat 3 times


Lower body:

1 min table top booty kick-backs

1 min pulse

*Repeat 3 times & switch legs



1 min leg lifts

1 min leg lift flutter kicks




Short and Sweet Ab Workout

Monet's ab workout is perfect for those who want maximum results in limited time. "Abs, abs, abs, it's all I want in life. These quick and easy workouts will help strengthen that core in no time! Try it and let me know what you think! It's less than 5 minutes! Go!"

– 30 second right & left arm reach

– 30 second double time pulse

– 30 second side to side reach pull

– 30 second double time pulse

– 30 second waist trimmer twist

– 30 second double time pulse

– 30 second right & left straight leg kick, or bend your leg to modify

– 30 second right & left straight leg kick with a twist

* Be sure to hydrate and take a little time to warm up/cool down with a light stretch 🙂


Pregnancy Diet

Monet stuck to her vegan diet during pregnancy. "Being vegan whilst pregnant was easy peezy and helped in more ways than one," she says. "I never suffered with body aches, swelling, or lack of energy. I'd like to think that the nutrient rich Plant-based diet not only kept me healthy and active, but also Gio. He was born 8 lbs 3 ounces with a full head of hair, beautiful strong fingernails, and a super strong neck."


Vegan Advice

Monet's advice for anyone interested in a plant-based lifestyle is to take it one step at a time. "I always suggest starting with giving 'Meatless Monday' a try, but for others 'conscious eating' is an easier way to ease into a plant-based lifestyle," she says. "Either way, start with something, whether that be going completely cruelty-free (beauty products, personal hygiene, clothing, etc) or giving up dairy. Start somewhere and slowly I believe everyone will feel more inclined to go vegan."

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