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FUBAR Star Stephanie Sy Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Lake

Here are her lifestyle tips.

FUBAR star Stephanie Sy isn't afraid to try new things and be adventurous, judging by her social media updates. Sy, who plays Sandy on the show, tried some wakesurfing recently and, of course, she was incredible at it. Sy shared video of herself laughing as she wakesurfed behind a boat, plus another snap of her relaxing on a dock wearing a blue bikini. "August 🌞 🌊," she captioned the post. "So proud of you getting up on the board," a friend commented. Sy is a barrier-breaking actress who has worked hard to get to where she is—here's how she did it.


Dramatic Hikes

Sy goes camping and takes outstanding hikes in beautiful British Columbia. "Campers really enjoy an outdoor lifestyle," says Dr Adele Doran, Principal Lecturer in Tourism Management at Sheffield Hallam University. "They pursue a range of outdoor activities while camping, which fuels their sense of adventure, keeps them physically active and connects them to nature. In fact, campers are more connected to nature than non-campers."


Dog Lover

Having a dog offers many physical and mental health benefits, and Sy adores her pup. "This labrador turns *FOURTEEN* today!!! Billie girl has always lived by her own rules, and is writing her own story. I believe as long as we feed and walk her good, and give her nice head rubs at night, she is persuaded enough to tolerate us, and we are so grateful. Happy birthday to the most beautiful dog to walk this earth, my sweet Billie girl 🎈," she captioned an Instagram post.


Biking Outdoors

Sy loves biking in the beautiful British Columbia woods. "Getting on a bike can make you feel young again, as you speed along with the wind in your hair. Cycling releases invigorating bursts of endorphins, our feel-good neurotransmitters," say experts at the British Heart Foundation. "It doesn't matter what shape you're in, you can go at your own pace. The bike saddle holds 70 per cent of your body weight, so pressure on your joints is very low, too. If you're new to cycling, recovering from an injury, or put off because you live in a hilly area, an electric bike may be an option."


Breaking Barriers


Sy was determined to break through barriers when it came to playing roles as a Filipina. "There was a time where I was told I wasn't allowed to audition for things because I 'wasn't right for the character,' meaning I wasn't the right color for the character," she says. "It's frustrating to not have those opportunities just because of the color of my skin."


Advice For Young Actors

Sy's advice for aspiring artists is to work hard and advocate for themselves. "What I can say to up and coming performers who really want to do this as their profession is: the limits you set for yourself only gives permission for other people to limit you," she says. "If you truly want something, work to get it, and don't think about how to change yourself to fit what, you think, what they want. Focus your work, time and energy on what makes you the best, and pay great gratitude to those who support and love you along the way."

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