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Gabby Douglas In Workout Gear Is "In the Gym Tonight"

She’s back!

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas is hard at work training, and she's getting stronger by the day. Douglas, 28, shared a picture of herself wearing black shorts and a sports bra, posing in front of a mirror at the gym. "She in the gym tonight 💪," she captioned the post. "You are such a sweetheart, superstar trailblazer and we love you!" a fan commented. Douglas is competing again after years away from the spotlight—here's what her health and wellness routine looks like.


Stretching and Dancing

Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Douglas loves stretching and dancing. "I honestly like to dip my feet in so many things," she told PopCulture. "I love trampoline workouts, cardio. I do a lot of stretching, dancing. I kind of do it all, to be honest, because I love just extending myself and even expanding my brain. So I tap into a lot of things. Smoothies are definitely on the list as far as the diet and just fruits and veggies, and a lot, a lot of water."


Working Out With Pups

Douglas loves to work out with her pups. "It's so funny because sometimes when I do my workout, [the dogs] literally tag along," she told PEOPLE. "Like I love to run the stairs, I love to run laps around my house, and so they'll just follow me and it's honestly a great thing because the more active that we can keep them, the better. They have so much longevity."


Homemade Food


Douglas tries to give her pets great quality food. "I am such a health nut. Not only do our research what goes into my body and my mind, I'll do the same thing for [my animals]," she told PEOPLE. "We do everything homemade, everything has to be organic and natural, no GMOs, no preservatives or pesticides because that really affects the animal. Everything natural because it was put on this planet to help these animals."


Smoothie Fan


Douglas partnered up with Smoothie King to relaunch the Hydration Watermelon smoothie. "I'm so into health and diet and awareness," she told PopCulture. "I'm just so grateful to be a part of something so beneficial and it's made of coconut water, watermelon juice, strawberries, which is super beneficial for hydration, especially as an athlete. We extend so much energy, so we need to replenish what our bodies are made of."


Gymnastics Return

Douglas is thrilled to return to gymnastics. "There were a lot of skills and competitions that I didn't attend when I was younger, and so just kind of getting back out there and reaching that height of gymnastics," she told New Beauty. "Doing different things is very exciting for me, but I honestly just hope to get that joy back. I missed the crowds. I missed designing the leotards, so that's what really got me back into it. I was watching one of my friends, and I was just like, 'Man, I miss this. What if I went back?'"

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