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Galilea Montijo Shares Swimsuit Photo From "Happy Places"

Here is her fitness advice.

Galilea Montijo is an actress and TV host. She's the current host of the talk show Hoy, and previously hosted Pequenos Grandes. Montijo just shared a stunning new post on Instagram. In it, she sat in a pool in a black swimsuit. She captioned the photo, "May life always return you to those happy place." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Galilea Montijo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Wants To Be Well

Montijo shared some of her wellness secrets with People. "Right now, as a woman, I want to be well first. It's a process of months or years. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but as a woman I am very involved in my work. It's not that I couldn't before, but there were things that I had to choose and I always chose my family first. I would like to return to acting."


She Chooses Workouts She Likes

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Montijo makes sure to workout on a regular basis. She says to People that her secret is doing workouts that she actually likes.  "You have to find an exercise that you like. If you take exercise as therapy it changes everything, you shouldn't take exercise as mandatory."


She Doesn't Diet


Montijo talked about her diet and eating secrets in her People interview. She says that she doesn't like to diet or restrict herself. She also says that she will indulge once in a while. "I have realized that dieting is not for me. On the weekend I give myself what I like, but I try to take care of myself."


She Eats A Lot Of Protein

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Montijo tells People that she eats a lot of protein in her diet. "I've found that eating right, eating protein in the morning, at night and in the morning [does good]." Piedmont states that protein has a lot of benefits. "Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. In fact, your hair and nails are comprised mostly of protein."


She Takes Care Of Her Heart

In an interview, Montijo talked about her struggles with her heart. She says that she is seeing a doctor and taking medication to help. "Literally yes, I already became hypertensive. The heart stroke thing, well, I'm on medication, pericarditis too. I carry my pressure device, before I carried my heels in my hand, now I carry the pressure device but everything is under control. What the cardiologist tells me about a stroke in the heart sounds scandalous, but when the heart feels attacked by a virus, the heart itself expels a fluid to protect itself, so that fluid must be removed with medication, so far it is with medicines, he told me: 'You're not going to die from that.'"

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