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Gamer Avori Henderson Shares Protein and Carb Tips Prepping for Miss USA

Here is how she eats to get pageant-ready.

Avori Henderson is revealing her diet secrets as she prepares for Miss USA. In a new video the gamer and star of Netflix's The Mole talks about some of the foods she is eating to get in shape for the pageant. "Miss USA Meal prep tips," she captioned the Instagram Reel. What are some of the foods and diet tips that are keeping her in shape? Celebwell has the answer. 


Follow This Protein-Carb Advice

In the caption of the video she revealed some advice from Alex Smith. "When we eat we either get our energy from fat or carbs," she writes. "If you're eating a fatty meat, reduce your carbs. If you're eating a lean meat, you can add rice or another high carb food!"


Meal Prep


Avori buys prepackaged healthy meals. She shops at a store called Eat Clean PHX "to get some meats, some veggies, and even some protein, sweets," she says. "I love this place because they literally have a little bit of everything, even breakfast foods and cookies."  She walks out of the store with an assortment of meals. "I got some grilled chicken, some salmon, some barbacoa, and some vegetables, as well as all my breakfast foods, and I stored them away in my fridge in order so that I know what I'm eating for the week."


Protein Drinks

Avori swears by a vanilla protein latte that offers 20 grams of protein. "So I actually tried this drink in the car and it was really good. It's also lactose free," she says. 


Small Portion


"Since I'm absolutely starving, we're going to cook up some salmon. I just grabbed a couple chunks out of there because I don't need a lot at once. That's also a life hack. You should eat smaller portions throughout the day than large meals if you can," says Avori. "Since salmon is a fattier meat, we're going to pair it with vegetables so we can bring down the overall carb count." She adds ponzu sauce, which is "low in calories, low in sugar, and low in carbs."



Avori is a hiker. "This beautiful waterfall is located in the tropical forrest of Australia. We actually jumped over this railing, and scaled mossy rocks to get to the middle of the river for pictures. Should I post the results?" she captioned an Instagram clip from one of her hikes. 


Weekly Workout Routine

Exercise is also part of Avori's plan. "I have weekly workout routines that I follow regularly so that I can stay fit after gaming long hours!" she told Glitter. Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle-strengthening activity, according to the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

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