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Genie Bouchard In Workout Gear Shares "Quick Post-Match Workout"

“And that’s why she was top 5 in the world at some point!" commented one fan.

For most people, playing tennis would be a workout in itself—but not for Genie Bouchard. The tennis champion followed up a strenuous match not by relaxing and recovering, but by getting a fast little workout in. Bouchard, 30, shared a video of herself wearing a black skirt and green tank top, doing a workout using kettlebells and water bottles and a stability ball at the gym. "Quick post match workout," she captioned the post. "And that's why she was top 5 in the world at some point! Her work ethic and determination made her successful! No doubt she will be rocking the tennis world again in the future! Great job! You are incredible!" an impressed fan commented. Here's how Bouchard is living her best life.


Intense Training Routine

Bouchard starts her day with two hours of tennis practice, then lunch, then more tennis and the gym for cardio and strength training. "I find the game of tennis has become more physical, and players are spending more time at the gym," she told Elle Canada. "I stay calm and consistent. I'm very disciplined and focused; I need to be. If I do something then I'll commit."


Her Beauty Tips

Bouchard stays consistent with her beauty routine, which makes it easier to stick to her regimen when traveling. "For my hair, I have found Olaplex's shampoo, conditioner, and Bond Smoother makes my hair so much healthier and look great without spending hours styling it," she told The Evening Standard. "For my skin, I typically start by using Cetaphil's Daily Facial Cleanser and then their Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF. I love Cetaphil because it's super gentle on my skin while still cleansing and protecting my skin. As a professional tennis player, I spend so much time out in the sun so I think it's really important that I keep my skin protected with Cetaphil's moisturizer + SPF."


Slinger Bag

Bouchard's best advice for budding tennis stars is to put in the time. "Tennis can be tough sometimes because a lot of the time you need someone to be out there practicing with you," she told The Evening Standard. "I've found that Slinger Bag to be a huge help as it helps you train, work on your strokes, and build consistency in your game. The Slinger Bag is awesome because it's affordable and also portable so you can bring it on the go and practice whenever you want. Players should focus on putting in the time on the court. The more time you spend on the court, the more confident you will become in your skills and the more familiar you will be when you face tough opponents."


Unique Style

Bouchard is known for her stunning style on the court. "On and off the court I feel like my style represents who I am," she told The Evening Standard. "My style is fun and has a lot of color in it. On the court, I would say one of my wardrobe staples is my visor. Off the court, I am typically dressed head-to-toe in New Balance. But I definitely like to dress up when I go out to dinner or meet up with friends and wear a fun outfit and accessories."


Social Media Success

Bouchard is proud of her social media success, and knows it contributes to her fame. "I have the accounts because of tennis," she told BILD. "Tennis is my job and it stands above everything else.  But social media is very important and is part of my job.  It's important for the companies, it's important for my fans who want to see what I do. Five or ten years ago that wasn't the case."

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