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Geordie Shore Star Chloe Ferry In Workout Gear Goes Hiking On Windy Day

Here are her wellness tips.

Geordie Shore Star Chloe Ferry says she loves taking long walks and hikes outdoors—but the British weather might be too dramatic at times, even for her. Ferry, 28, shared a funny video of herself wearing white jogging pants and sneakers, walking up a hill while being buffeted back by the wind. "Most of the England right now 😂 💨," she captioned the post. "You've always blown me away 😉🧡," commented Wayne Lineker. Ferry has been open about the effort it takes to stay fit and healthy, inside and out—here's how she does it.


Boot Camps

Chloe Ferry/Instagram

Ferry loves the way healthy living makes her feel. "I like to go to fitness boot camps and have weeks of intense training and eating healthy – it makes me feel so amazing," she told Heatworld. "Training is my savior. I love long walks with my dog, meditating and baths with loads of bubbles and candles. My friends always say to me, 'Chloe, are you ever out of the bath?'. I always take time to think about how grateful I am to have another day on this earth, which sounds really cringe but you never know what is going to happen to you."


Lots of Seafood

Ferry shared a typical low-carb, high protein meal on her Instagram. "So for tonight's dinner I'm going to have salmon, have some prawns, some broccoli and a little bit of teriyaki sauce… A few years ago if anyone had told me where I'd be today I'd have laughed at them. It all started a good few years ago, being put into the spotlight and in the public eye at a very young age. Every aspect of my life was commented on – more so than anything else was my appearance."


Journaling Her Goals


Ferry journals to stay on track with her goals and feel in control of her future. "I like to write down things that I want to change in my life because it usually makes me feel a bit better when I know what I want," she told Heatworld. Reminding yourself about what you want out of life is important as well – the brain is such a powerful thing".


At-Home Gym Sessions

Ferry doesn't always have time to hit the gym or take a class, so she built a small workout space at home for convenience and to stay on track with her fitness goals. "I've got a gym in my house so every time I've ever been down I simply go downstairs and get on the treadmill," she told OK!.


Ignoring the Haters

Ferry has learned to tune out the criticism that comes with being in the public eye. "Never ever care about what someone thinks about you, because at the end of the day, they're not paying your bills," she told Heatworld. "If you want to do something, do it, don't let anybody else tell you differently. You only live one life and you don't know what is around the corner. With social media, I'll sometimes take a break off Instagram for a day to detox. I used to have days full of Instagram scrolling and it just wasn't healthy at all – everyone knows that some things on there aren't real."

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