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Georgia Steel Shares Swimsuit Photo "Off Duty"

Here’s how she stays fit.
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Love Island star Georgia Steel is on vacation with all the beautiful people in Lake Como, Italy. Steel, 25, shared pictures of herself posing in a bright pink and yellow bikini with pants and yellow earrings, her hair tied back into a bun. "She off duty," she captioned the post. "Enjoy… such a beautiful area," a fan commented. How does Steel manage to maintain her fit physique? Here are 5 ways the reality star focuses on her health and wellness.


Coffee and Tea

Steel's favorite drinks on-the-go are coffee and tea lattes. "Researchers have found an association between those who drink tea, especially green tea, and a reduced risk of certain chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes," says Julie Garden-Robinson, PhD, RD, LRD. "The substances in tea associated with these health benefits are called polyphenols, mainly flavonoids."


Pizza Treats

Steel enjoys a healthy diet but makes room for her favorite indulgence—pizza. "It is all about balance – I travel a lot with my job so I love trying cuisines in different places – I'm definitely a foodie," she says. "You should be able to enjoy yourself. I reckon I eat a pizza a few times a month. My go-to take out is a pizza because it's just such an easy and delicious dinner option, and it's perfect for those days when you want something tasty but also don't want to cook. As long as you eat healthy food, work out but also treat yourself then that's what is important."


Creative Spirit

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Steel is passionate about following creative endeavors, which are known to be good for mental health. "My goal going forward is to be more creative," she says. "Like a lot of my work at the moment is taking pictures and advertising for brands, and shoots. I love thinking of my ideas, especially when it comes to taking my pictures. I feel like it's good to make things different, not just because I enjoy it, but also for interaction and for people to kind of work. If I'm gifted in that area, I want to just excel in it and, and use it more to my advantage."


Living With Dyslexia

Steel has lived with dyslexia her whole life and is an advocate for people who are struggling with the condition. "I hate to make the excuse that I'm dyslexic. I've always found coping mechanisms, and I've got on with my life," she says. "But I think sometimes it's good for people to know, because it is a learning difficulty. And it isn't something that should be looked at not as a taboo subject. I don't really think of it as a burden, I kind of think of it is as a positive really, I think it's character. I always just thought, oh, maybe I'm not that clever. That's the way I looked at it."


Reality Advice


Steel's advice for anyone going on reality TV is to be authentic. "The best thing you can do is just be yourself," she says. "If you try to be someone you're not then the viewers and the other Islanders will see right through you. I was so young when I went on the show and it was a great experience but I think I'm such a different person now, that it just wouldn't be something I could do."

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