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Geri Halliwell in Workout Gear Says "Happy Birthday Mel C!"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Singer Geri Halliwell is wishing her fellow Spice Girls group member Melanie Chisholm a very happy birthday on Instagram. Halliwell, 51, shared a picture of the two women posing together, wearing soccer shirts as they flexed their biceps. "Happy birthday @melaniecmusic May all your birthday wishes come true! ❤️❤️" she captioned the post. "Thank you ❤️," Chisholm, 50, commented. Halliwell has been in the public eye for decades—here's how she keeps growing and evolving. 


Horseback Riding

Halliwell starts every day with a ride on her horse. "I don't know how many animals I've got!" she told PEOPLE. "We bought another horse today, and we named him Hercules after my favorite animation. I learned to ride horses in L.A., and now Monty is giving it a go. I was shocked because as a parent, whenever I try and push or over-encourage my children, they're like, 'Meh.' He just suddenly went, 'I'm doing it.' I think he had a play-date, and he was trying to impress his little girlfriend."


Lazy Skincare


Halliwell keeps her skincare routine as simple as possible. "I'm probably the laziest person you will ever meet in beauty care," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I am. I'm just tired and I wanna go to bed, so I want to do it as fast as possible and as simply as possible. I use minimal products as possible and I like to keep it natural, keep it simple. I sometimes go to sleep with my makeup on, but I actually like my makeup the next day, you know that kind of sunken in look? In the '90s, I didn't have a skincare regime. I was just like 'Oh, get on with it'. I think maybe [now] I use Nivea, which is a nice cool cream. My mom used it. I quite like it still. But I think as life happens, you're always giving to other people so it is nice to just stop and think 'This is my moment, I matter'. I don't wanna look older. I just wanna look my best."


Wearing White

Halliwell is known for her all-white outfits, something she says was a deliberate style choice. "I really have enjoyed wearing white," she told InStyle. "I looked through the ages. I've worn white a lot. The more I wore it, I thought, 'Oh actually, this is so easy. Everything matches.' So, it's sort of as a palette, a baseline palette. I've done it for a few years and then everyone keeps on commenting. It's really interesting how everyone comments on it. When I wore black all the time, no one said a word."


She's a Writer

Halliwell writes children's books as well as her regular songwriting work. "I really love writing from the heart—emotive and connective," she told Town & Country. "I think they can both do the same thing. With writing a book, you've got to be more expansive and more descriptive. It's just a different discipline, but both are very rewarding. I never stopped writing songs. I always knew that I wanted to continue writing music, because that was my favorite thing. Look, I'm no Mariah Carey, but one of my most enjoyable things was always writing the lyrics and the top line."


Fabulous In Her 50s

Halliwell is fully embracing her 50s. "Rather than saying I am 50, I'm saying I get to be 50," she told Amazing. "I've got half a century under my belt! I thought if I am going to champion the evolution of what I've always stood for – and that's empowering others, whoever you are, and being yourself – actually, another boundary to break is to say, 'It's alright, it's more than alright, it's amazing [to be 50].' I think sometimes we can look at the future with fear, but it's the opposite."

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