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German Track Star Alica Schmidt in Workout Gear Shares "Training Camp Looks"

Here are her training (and fashion!) tips.

German runner Alica Schmidt loves mixing up her running outfits, frequently wearing bright, cheerful colors both for training and competitions. Schmidt, 25, shared a video reel of herself posing in a variety of different workout outfits, much to the appreciation of her 5 million Instagram followers. "Training camp looks 🫶🏼," she captioned the post. Here's how the stunning athlete trains, eats, and focuses on recovery.


Strength Training Workouts

Schmidt's training is all about building strength. "About 30 percent of my training is strength focused," she told Women's Health. "Explosive and functional full-body exercises are mostly on my schedule. This is super effective, I would recommend such workouts to everyone. I also focus on strengthening and controlling the leg muscles – in the classic way with squats and lunges."


Carbs and Limited Meat


Schmidt enjoys a balanced diet with limited red meat. "I eat intuitively and listen to the signals my body gives me," she told Women's Health. "With sport you develop a very strong body awareness over time. I make sure to eat a balanced diet and reduce meat consumption. I would never leave the house without snacks. In my bag there are always a few protein bars, electrolytes and sometimes Tupperware containers of carrot cake or banana bread. Preparation is really important here too!"


Rest and Recovery

Schmidt is careful about the recovery process after training and races. "Since I train almost every day, it is essential for me to recover as quickly as possible," she told Foodspring. "After training I drink Recovery Aminos after training: They provide me with quickly available carbohydrates and my muscles with BCAAs. Plus they're super refreshing. Replenishing my energy reserves after training is the be-all and end-all for me. A shake or a banana is quickly at hand and helps me to recharge my batteries immediately."


Zinc and Magnesium


Schmidt takes supplements to help boost her health and recovery. "I regularly take zinc & magnesium and daily vitamins," she told Foodspring. "They provide you with the most important vitamins without having to think about it big. Especially important since it is very important as an athlete not to get sick."


Love For the Track

Schmidt genuinely loves her sport, especially when pandemic lockdowns meant the gym was not an option. "For me, running is like breathing air," she told Women's Health. "It offers a good opportunity to clear your head and briefly change your thoughts. I am incredibly grateful that I can still pursue my passion and value this privilege very much."

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