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Ginny And Georgia Star Sara Waisglass Shares Swimsuit Photo From Switzerland

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Ginny And Georgia star Sara Waisglass went on a magical trip to Neuchâtel, Switzerland over the summer. Waisglass, who plays Maxine Baker on the show, shared a picture of herself wearing a red swimsuit as she climbed out of a boat, plus another snap of her posing in a brown bikini as she looked out over the water. "Stunning!" a fan commented. Waisglass has worked hard on screen since she was a teenager—here's how she works on her wellness.


Meditation and Yoga

Waisglass swears by meditation and yoga to keep her calm and focused. "I've given TIME [Thoughtfulness, Insight, Meditation and Exercise] practice a try and it's beautiful," she says. "I'm a big fan. I'm currently testing out a couple of other practices. The one that's helped me the most is meditation. It's the only thing that can quiet the mind, in my experience. I've used it before auditions, on flights, in the bathroom on dates… It's incredible. Also, yin yoga has done wonders for me. It gets you out of your head and into your body. I love it."


Brave Character

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Waisglass loves how brave the character of Maxine is. "The thing that immediately drew me to Max was how brave she was and how unafraid she is to speak her mind," she says. "Degrassi does an incredible job making characters that they write for us once we're on the show. It felt a lot more normal. But is very, very out there. That was a huge challenge [for me] and super fun. Every single day [getting to play Max] was just the best day of my life."


Facing Fear


Waisglass struggles with anxiety but is learning to manage it. "The biggest challenge in my career is managing my fear," she says. "I'd say my largest fears in life are rejection, comparison and travel. Acting asks me to face all of them on a daily basis. I think it's healthy to have a career that challenges you and makes you want to grow. Being part of this industry has made me brave, and I'm very grateful for it."


Inspired by Maxine

Waisglass is inspired by her character's dress and fashion sense. "Maxine's wardrobe truly defines who she is," she says. "I used to always wear black and dark colors and gray, but now, I'm experimenting with color."


Practicing Gratitude

Waisglass practices gratitude every day, and reminds herself how lucky she is. "I've been incredibly fortunate with the roles I've booked and the career I've had so far," she says. "I find it difficult to pick favorites because every role has given me something different, something new that I've gotten to carry with me in future work and also in my personal life. I'd say Max from Ginny and Georgia is the role I'm most proud of. That character unlocked me and gave me a freedom I've never known before. And the way the world embraced her, and in turn the show (which I'm incredibly proud of), makes me swell with pride!"

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