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Golden Bachelor Star April Kirkwood Shares Swimsuit Photo as "I Love Life"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

The Golden Bachelor star April Kirkwood spent quality time in Port St. Lucie, Florida over the summer, soaking up the sun at the beach. Kirkwood, 65, shared a picture of herself standing on the sand facing the sea, wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and straw hat. "I grew up when we said the pledge of Allegiance each morning after the bell rang each morning in school and sang patriotic songs proudly in chorus… Yes, I love America. I love my family. I love my life," she captioned the post. Kirkwood clearly lives an amazing life—here's how she does it.


Dancing to Taylor Swift

Kirkwood is a big Taylor Swift fan, and enjoys impromptu dance parties at home. "One of the best things about dance is its creativity – you're free to interpret moves in your own way," says the British Heart Foundation. "Some varieties, such as ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) barn dancing, have a 'caller' who shouts out moves to the crowd."


Dog Lover

Kirkwood loves spending time with her two dogs, something that is proven to be beneficial for health. "One notable benefit is that dogs force you to get up and move," says Tahir Tak, MD. "One research study found that dog owners are more likely to report regular physical activity than people who don't own dogs. Activities associated with dog ownership, like feeding, grooming, playing and letting them outside, all increase physical activity levels. Physical activity improves blood flow, induces muscle contraction and reduces joint stiffness."


She's a Writer


One of Kirkwood's dreams is to write a bestselling book. "Writing creatively about challenging experiences, like grief, can also offer a way to communicate to others something which you feel is too complicated or difficult to say directly," says Christina Thatcher, Creative Writing Lecturer, Cardiff Metropolitan University. "Creative writing encourages people to choose their words, metaphors and images in a way that really captures what they're trying to convey. This creative decision-making can lead to increased self-awareness and self-esteem as well as improved mental health."


Animal Friends

Kirkwood loves animals, and is frequently posting pictures of them on her social media—like a new bird she befriended. "I have a new companion. I prayed for a chicken and there she came. We haven't had time to chat much but I'll let you know her name when she tells me. I think she's also a good omen. Yes, I'll clean up her droppings but I'm not sharing my chicken bag," she captioned a post.


Energy Healing

Kirkwood incorporates energy healing into her wellness regimen. "Now I do energy healing every morning, use the power of numbers to assist in raising my frequency to higher realms. I found my power animal. I found the little girls inside that were missing and I am helping them grow into my being," she captioned an Instagram post

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