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Golfer Lilia Schneider Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "God Bless the U.S.A." 

Here is how she takes care of her body and mind.

Lilia Schneider is getting patriotic in her bathing suit. In one of her social media posts the college golfer flaunts her seriously fit figure in a red, white, and blue swimsuit. "God bless the U.S.A," she captioned the post. How does the beauty, who is dating Bryson DeChambeau, maintain her impressive physique? Keep reading to find out. 


She Golfs

Lilia plays college golf, which clearly helps her stay in shape. "Trying to get out and play as much as I can right now!" she captioned a recent post. A comprehensive review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that golf's health benefits are extensive, including mind, body, and even lifespan. Benefits include improved longevity, decreased risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke, good mental health, and improved strength and balance.


She Cycles

Lilia Schneider/Instagram

In one of her Instagram Stories, Lilia reveals that one way she gets her cardio in is via a spin bike. The Cleveland Clinic explains that biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis. 


She Walks Her dog

Lilia also stays in shape by walking her dog. Going for a daily walk can be a game changer in terms of exercise, especially at a brisk speed. One study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that walking at a brisk pace for about 30 minutes a day led to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia and death, compared with walking a similar number of steps but at a slower pace.


She Is Getting Educated

Lilia doesn't just focus on getting her body in shape – she is also training her brain. She is currently studying at Marian University. 


She Walks on the Beach

Another way Lilia stays in shape is by going on walks on the beach. Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving. Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle-strengthening activity, according to the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

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