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Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi Shares Special "Thirst Trap" Swimsuit Selfie

Here is how the Shahs of Sunset star lost over 30 pounds

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi is steaming up social media with her latest swimsuit selfie. In one of her latest posts, the Shahs of Sunset beauty shows off her 30-plus pound weight loss in a bathing suit. "Currently taking applications for my next relationship #ThirstTrappin," she captioned the mirror selfie. "Where do we apply ??" responded one of her followers. How did the reality star lose weight and what are her top health habits? Celebwell has the answer. 



She Is on Ozempic

GG doesn't conceal the fact that she lost weight via the controversial jab. "I don't see a reason to hide being on a weight loss [medication] or a cosmetic procedure," Golnesa told Entertainment Tonight May 18, "just talk about it because there's so many people out there who want to do the same thing or they want to learn about what you did." She added, "Obviously, I didn't look like this two months ago. So, all of a sudden, to lose almost 30 pounds, I would be a liar to say I quit drinking alcohol and you know all of a sudden started working out like some people like to say."


She Works Out with a Personal Trainer

On Instagram, GG revealed that she had enlisted the help of a professiona. "Reza Farahan because of [you] I have hired a personal trainer so I can start getting in shape and healthy. I swear I wouldn't have been so inspired to do it without your pics and videos of motivation. [You] seriously need to make workout videos or something and sell that sh-t." 


She Does Pilates


Gigi is a big fan of Pilates. "Pilates always helps with loose problem areas & is also a great for strengthening," she told The Skinny Confidential.


She Eats Green

Gigi consumes a lot of plants. "I have always turned to extremely green vegetables because it gets your digestive system running [ if ya know what I mean ; ) ] and that helps cleanse the body in a healthy way. I also like to do AB work to tighten it up a bit," she told Skinny Confidential. "I'm a huge salad fan so I usually can't go one day without having a huge bowl of salad. I have recently been adding kale, chia seeds, & quinoa to everything…Such healthy super foods."


Inspired by Her Kids

What else motivates Gigi to stay in shape? "My biggest motivation is knowing that I want to have lots of children and that I need to maintain my health in order to make that happen. I grew up having parents that eat extremely healthy so it totally motivates me to have that influence upon my children. The amount of deaths within cancer disease & the American Heart Association has become a scary toll, and so much of this is caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle. Again, healthy mind, healthy body…Healthy body, healthy mind!!" she said. 

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