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Grace Beverley in Workout Gear Shares "Big Leg Day" Workout

“Grace fit is rolling in her grave.”

Grace Beverley is an entrepreneur with a large Instagram following. She recently hit the gym for some lower body workouts. Beverley shared some photos on Instagram. In one, she posed by a weight bench in workout gear. She captioned it, "Grace fit is rolling in her grave." In another, she shared a photo of the gym, captioning it, "Big leg day today." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Grace Beverley stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Hip Thrusts

Grace Beverley/Instagram

On her Instagram stories, Beverley shared her favorite leg workouts. One thing she does is hip thrusts. states that the workout has a lot of benefits. "Hip thrusts are a controlled and powerful movement, mainly focusing on the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and core. This exercise is vital for developing a stronger posterior chain, contributing to improved athletic performance, alleviating lower back pain, and enhancing overall physique."


She Does Leg Presses/slidetitle]
Grace Beverley/Instagram

Beverley also said on her Instagram stories that she does leg presses. Asphalt Green states that they have a lot of benefits. "The leg press works all of the lower body muscles, but it really emphasizes the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. One of the big benefits of a machine like the leg press is that it can build those larger muscles, and it's easy to use. There are those who argue this machine is less effective at building overall strength than free weight exercises; the truth is, no matter what you'll still get stronger while you're using it. It's all about you, and where you are on your fitness journey."

[slidetitle num="3"]She Does Hip Abductors

Grace Beverley/Instagram

Beverley also said on her Instagram stories that she does hip abductors. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D told the Mayo Clinic that the workout has a lot of benefits. "The standing hip abduction is an exercise you can do with resistance tubing to work the hip muscles. Specifically, the standing hip abduction targets the hip abductor muscles, which are located here, on the outside of the hips. This exercise helps promote strength and stability in the hip muscles when walking or running."


She Does Leg Extensions


Beverley also said in her Instagram story that she does leg extensions. Miami Dade College states that the workout has a lot of benefits. "Leg extensions focus the tension on just your quadriceps. This is the only leg exercise that targets your quadriceps without involving other muscles. Other leg exercises, such as squats, step-ups and leg presses, work the quadriceps, but the hamstrings, calves or glute muscles assist the during the movement. If your quadriceps are weak, performing leg extensions allows you to focus on strengthening just that muscle."


She Puts Herself First

Beverley shares a lot of her advice on Instagram. In this post, she talked about the importance of putting yourself first. In the first photo, she shared a note that said, "You need to be honest with yourself when you're pushing too hard. It might be busy, but it's not productive and you cannot pour from an empty cup. So fill your cup first before offering more of yourself to others, and start respecting your own boundaries. Rest is productive."

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