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Grand Theft Auto Star Carolina Ravassa Shares Swimsuit Photo From Trinidad

What it’s like to be a famous voice.

Grand Theft Auto V star Carolina Ravassa went on a magical trip to Trinidad with a best friend. Ravassa, who voices Taliana Martinez on the game, shared a very sweet reel of herself having a great time on the island, including a scene where she's dancing on the beach in an orange bikini. "Thank you @aliasentertainmentexpo for the best experience in #Trinidad! What beautiful people, culture, food, music! Loved experiencing @djprivateryan in his home country!" she captioned the post. Here's what Ravassa has to say about the video game industry, and her rise to the top.


Artistic Parents

Ravassa has been involved in entertainment since she was a child. "I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and was lucky enough to have incredibly artistic parents who encouraged and nurtured our artistic side," she says. "Me and my two sisters loved painting, acting, being crafty and doing things a little bit differently. Because of this, I started acting when I was five years old, and I've never stopped. I didn't act professionally, but I knew it was what I was most passionate about so I kept auditioning for all the school plays and loved being a part of them. I like to say I didn't choose acting, it chose me. I moved on to study theater at Boston College and started really understanding what it was all about. I then moved to NYC to continue my studies in film and TV, and ended up staying for ten years!"


Video Games Becoming Mainstream

Ravassa is thrilled at how videogames have become so popular worldwide. "Video games have expanded, they've become more mainstream: we have 30 million players all over the world thanks to the internet," she says. "We are diverse, so people in the Middle East and Australia are playing the same game you guys are playing here. I think that because it's become a world phenomenon, that's why it's blown up. This is my personal take on it — I haven't done studies on gaming or anything, and I'm very new to the gaming industry — but we're all [saying], how the heck did this happen? We didn't expect any of this."


Inspired By Robin Williams


Ravassa was inspired by legendary actors to go into voice work. "Since I was young I fell in love with Robin Williams because he did films and he also voiced animated characters," she says. "The Genie and Batty Koda were my absolute favorites. Somewhere along the way I forgot about cartoons and was just pursuing theater and on-camera work. I love that video games brought me back to voice acting because all of a sudden this whole voice career opened up for me and I feel so grateful for it. I have a knack for badass chicks with guns, so I have played quite a few of them for video games and now I understand that world so much better!"


Overwatch Diversity

Ravassa is proud of the cast diversity in the game Overwatch. "A lot of the voice actors are very close to their characters in ethnicity, nationality, or race, so I think that because we feel these characters represent such a variety of people in the world, we feel very proud to be a part of this game," she says. "I [also] think that as actors who are very interested in diversity and the importance of it in the media, we also have connected and shared this common goal."


Making Her Own Luck

Ravassa believes all the luck in the world can't replace hard work. "I've definitely been lucky to have met certain people along the way that have helped me or recommended me for future jobs," she says. "But I also believe that luck has to be met with talent, hard work and timing. When these people have wanted to help me, I have a great voice demo to back up my talent, or it just happens to be the perfect time for that one role they were looking for. I think it's about being open to the possibilities of what the universe can offer you, and rolling with the punches."

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