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Great Weekends Star Samantha Brown Shares Swimsuit Photo From Iceland

Here are her ultimate healthy travel tips.

Great Weekends star Samantha Brown is lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful locations on the planet—and enjoy some truly magical experiences. Brown, 53, honored National Travel Agent Day by sharing a picture of herself wearing a blue swimsuit while taking a dip in Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon. "Happy National Travel Agent Day! Even as an experienced traveler, I love working with a travel agent," she captioned the post. No one is better qualified than Brown to give advice on healthy travel—here's what she recommends.


Sprints In the Airport


Brown is forced to get creative to stay fit while working. "People always ask me how I stay fit when I am constantly traveling. My answer? I usually joke with them and say that I'm usually behind schedule, so I have to run to make my connecting flight or get somewhere on time," she says. "Between us, it's usually true, and I've done some serious sprints to keep my travel itinerary on track. Staying fit and trim while you travel is challenging to say the least. Travel and food go hand in hand, and the temptation to eat decadently at every meal is part of being on vacation. Combine that with losing your normal workout routine, and it's easy to see how all those extra calories might choose to stick around."


Preparing Ahead


Brown makes sure she has everything she needs for a workout ready the night before. "Want to know a little trick of mine that prevents me from putting off a workout or run? I take the time to set everything out the night before: clothing, socks, sneakers, and a fully charged iPod," she says. "You'd be amazed how something as small as being unable to find a jogging bra will allow me to cancel the whole event. Also, I mentally prepared myself by laying it out the night before.  I literally have no excuse. Another way to get yourself out and moving is to check out local run clubs and meet-ups! Most cities have something (Parkrun is huge all over Europe). Not only is a good way to get some exercise in, it's a fun way to meet some local and get some insider recommendations."


Hiking and Walking

Brown loves hiking and walking when she's traveling. "I'm always looking for a hiking area in every destination I go to. I love to head outdoors, enjoy the solitude and feel the burn," she says. "A good, long walk: Explore the local neighborhoods or visit a park. A nice long walk is a great way to exercise and sightsee at the same time. (Note: if you add ice cream or gelato, this is no longer considered a workout)."


Hotel Room Workout

Brown is a big fan of hotel workouts that don't require equipment. "The Squat: It's simple and tones the legs and tush," she says. " Many doctors and health experts agree that the squat is the single most beneficial exercise you can do for any age. Especially as we age as it combats the loss of muscle mass. Push Ups: I love push-ups as they tone immediately. In a hotel room, place a towel on the floor. I caution you not to look too closely under the desk or bed, you may not like what you see."


Travel Workout Tips

Brown recommends taking arm bands for an easy workout on the road. "These are fantastic to travel with, weightless and take up no room. You can use them to work out arms and legs," she says. "Take the long way to your hotel room: I always try to take the stairs at least once a day when I'm at a hotel. Unless of course my room is on the 26th floor. Fill your suitcase to desired weight and pump it! You can do very effective bicep curls and arm raises."

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