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Hallmark Christmas Star Italia Ricci Shares Swimsuit Photo Sunbathing

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Love In Winterland star Italia Ricci took advantage of the summer sunshine to relax while husband Robbie Amell played golf with friends. Ricci, 36, shared a selfie of herself lounging in the sun in a bronze bikini, a book and sunglasses at her feet. "Terribly devastated about my husband canceling our golf game to golf with his buddies instead," she captioned the tongue-in-cheek post. Here's what the actress does to stay fit and happy.


Rock Climbing


Ricci had to rock climb for her role in Don't Go Breaking My Heart. "I actually used to climb competitively in high school and a little bit into college," she says. "I worked at a climbing gym so I was kind of there all the time. I ended up getting pretty good and was featured in a local newspaper for placing second in all of Ontario, Canada for women at one point. That was a million years ago but I was excited to try it again on this movie. Let me tell you, it is NOT like riding a bike."


Staycation Lover

Ricci says her favorite vacation destination is her own backyard. "We live in LA where it's always summer," she says. "I love my pool, my fruit trees, my dogs, and my friends. And a white flowing maxi dress, hands down. I always wear sunscreen. When I'm outside in the sun, I'm wearing at least SPF 90. If I don't have to leave my house, I'm in my robe all weekend long. If I have things to do, I'll pull it together. I actually just started wearing pieces from LUBLU by Kira Plastinina. Her stuff fits me so well and is incredibly comfortable."


One Woman Pharmacy

Ricci is always prepared when it comes to first aid emergencies. "I carry everything," she says. "Literally, if you were stranded on a desert island, you would want my purse. If someone's like, 'I've got a stain!' Don't worry. Italia's got Shout wipes. Shout wipes are very important. I've got a little leather bag with every single emergency pharmaceutical you would ever need. Antihistamine. Aspirin. I've got the little bags in a giant tote – I've got my pharmacy one with like, band-aids and everything you'd ever need – even blister covers! Then I've got the little sewing one with like, tweezers and ear plugs, in case you need it. Eye drops. I literally have everything."


Cardio Barre

Ricci loves the way cardio barre sessions work out her glutes. "I occasionally work out," she says. "I do Cardio Barre. It's amazing. I feel like a dancer. You don't realize what a difference it's making in your body until you're looking in the mirror and you're like, 'Hey, butt, heyyyy-yyy'."


Reading Books

Ricci loves reading books during her downtime. "I'm currently reading a few child development books," she says. "I just finished Between Two Kingdoms which is a memoir by Suleika Jaouad and it was freaking fantastic. It's been a few weeks and I still think about it daily. I don't really have a favorite book because they all ignite a different flame and the ones I love stick with me differently."

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