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Hallmark Christmas Star Katie Leclerc Shares Swimsuit Photo "Having a Blast"

She’s ready for the holidays. 

Letters To Santa star Katie Leclerc is very much used to shooting Christmas content in the summer, and this year was no exception. Leclerc, 36, shared pictures of a trip to Puerto Rico, posing on the beach in a bikini (including one shot with a Christmas tree in the background). "I had the most amazing time on this project and made incredible friends and also bought the coolest hat! I can't wait to watch!!" she captioned the post. "Having a blast always!" a friend commented. Here's how Leclerc has such a positive attitude and tons of energy.


Low Sodium Diet


Leclerc has Ménière's disease, which means she has to stick to a low-sodium diet. "My ears ring probably 80 percent of the time," she says. "My ears are full probably 60 percent of the time, where you feel like you have to pop them. There's lots of pressure. Probably 60 percent of the time I get a severe head rush, like when you stand up too quickly. The full-blown vertigo attacks where it's miserable, those only happen I would say maybe once every six weeks."


Subhead Goes Right Here

Leclerc has a go-to breakfast sandwich made with one bagel half, two slices of turkey bacon, one egg, one slice of pepper jack cheese, and a small handful of spinach and arugula mix. "Cut the turkey bacon in half," she instructs. "In a small skillet heat the turkey bacon on medium heat for 6 or 7 min, until browned, turning often. In the same skillet fry your egg, leaving the yolk a bit runny (if you like it that way). Toast the bagel, melt the cheese, and assemble the sandwich. Place the egg on top of the cheese, bacon on top of the egg and greens last. If you're adventurous, toss on some hot sauce! Slice and core pears and drizzle with a bit of agave nectar."


Lots of Home Cooking

Leclerc is a homebody who loves to cook. "My husband and I have two dogs that we are just totally in love with, so we spend a lot of time with the dogs," she says. "I am a wonderful cook, if I do say so myself, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen as well. I'm always trying to come up with something new to cook. Not so long ago it was macaroons. I had this lofty idea that I could make macaroons and they worked once, but then the next five attempts they didn't work, so it was torture."


Grateful For Work

Leclerc genuinely loves her work. "I'm always trying to find something to do that's creative, outside of acting, but my goal every hiatus is to book a job," she says. "As much as I can, I just want to keep working. I feel like I've been blessed to have such a huge launchpad and such a great opportunity that I'm just trying to take advantage of it as much as I can."


Positive Attitude

Leclerc has learned to have a glass-half-full attitude to life. "No matter what is going on with your body that particular day, I'd say a positive attitude really, really strongly influences the way the symptoms within your body react," she says. "If you wake up and go, 'I'm so happy to be awake right now'—even if you're dizzy—you're going to have a better day. You just will."

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