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Hannah Bronfman in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Exercises

"What works best for you?”

Hannah Bronfman has "started doing deep core, low impact moves" – in her workout gear. In a new social media post the DJ shows off her fabulous figure, including her washboard abs, during a workout. "The tummy is toned, booty is lifting, and legs are legging," she writes about the Instagram video. "The last 3 months have been so hectic with work travel I feel like I'm just getting the breather I needed to focus inward and start listening to my body. Even with cycle syncing my workouts I am still fine tuning, ie I'm not feeling like doing HIIT 4 days in a row even though I'm in my ovulation phase. I find that sometimes having an outline to a program or lifestyle you subscribe to, often allows for more intuitive flexibility than abiding by hard and fast rules. Maybe it's just me? What works best for you?" she adds in the caption. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her workout routine. 


Water with Sea Salt

"The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a big glass of warm water with a pinch of sea salt in it, to kickstart my metabolism. It warms up my whole digestive system and gets things moving. It also helps move my chi around. I always drink water at room temperature – and if I can get one glass in before 8am, I feel I'm being good about my hydration," Hannah told Net-a-Porter.


Coffee with Collagen

"I never drink coffee on an empty stomach and I always add a tablespoon of collagen when I do have a coffee. If I need a caffeine break, I'll make a coffee alternative using Dandy Blend, which is ground dandelion. I usually make my coffee then start on my skincare routine – that's my little morning wellness routine. I love routines – they really ground me, no matter how hectic life feels," Hannah says. 




Hannah meditates, using a horoscope app by Chani Nichols, which offers meditations. "I'll often do one of her 10- or 12-minute mindfulness meditations in the morning. They're generally about everything that's in the cosmos, but they can also be about opening your heart or being grounded or understanding your sense of home," she says. 


Eating for Her Hormones

"I eat for my hormones," Hannah explains. "What that means is what I'm eating during my ovulation phase is different to what I'm eating during my luteal phase. I've read a book called In the Flo, by Alisa Vitti, and she outlines everything – from vegetables and proteins to nuts and seeds and carbs – that is good for each phase to help your body regulate and optimize itself. You don't have to eat everything she tells you. Even just incorporating some foods into your meal plan is really beneficial. I also eat seasonally, so I try to buy from my local farmers' market."


Daily Movement

"I always get movement into every day, whether that's simply stretching or walking," Hannah tells Net-a-Porter. "If I'm at home and I want a quick burst of exercise to wake my body up, I'll use the Kira Stokes Fit app. She has 11-minute arm workout videos that I love, and she does band workouts that can be as short as six minutes but you really feel the burn. Otherwise, I go to a Pilates class or hit the gym and do a 30-minute walk on the treadmill on an incline of 12 on speed 3. It's what people refer to on TikTok as the hot-girl walk. I did it even when I was pregnant."

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