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Hattie Boydle in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Train Upper Body With Me"

"Recently my sessions are consisting of a balanced approach to push and pull..."

Hattie Boydle is a fitness influencer and trainer. She recently shared some of her favorite upper body workouts on Instagram. In it, she is seen lifting weights, doing lateral pulldowns, and shoulder presses. Boydle captioned the post, "Train Upper Body With Me ✊🏽Recently my sessions are consisting of a balanced approach to push and pull, compound to isolated. I have kept volume down as my goal is to just maintain my upper body development which means volume is kept around 6 total sets per upper body movements." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Hattie Boydle stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works Her Upper Body

In her Instagram post's caption, Boydle talked about the importance of training her upper body. "The reason I don't neglect upper body altogether is because I need to maintain strength to perform my heavy compounds like RDL's and deadlifts for my lower body development, as well maintain good posture in general."


She Gradually Increased The Amount Of Weight She Lifts

Boydle shared some of her secrets for getting in shape in this post's caption. In it, she revealed that she gradually increased the amount of weight she lifted. "I started training for STRENGTH. Every week I applied a little more effort by adding 5% more load to my lifts. When I couldn't increase the load, I increased my reps on my heaviest loads."


She Took Recovery Days

In the previous post's caption, Boydle talked about the importance of recovery. "I took recovery days. I went from training 7 days a week down to 5 and now it's down to 4. Fatigue masks effort. Because I was so tired, training felt hard. I was confused with training hard and only being able to give what I could being tired. Once I started to have full recovery days I was able to > increase load > motivation increased = better intensity > my body responded BETTER to training."


She Planned Her Meals

Hattie Boydle/Instagram

Boydle also revealed how she changed her diet in the caption of the previous post. "I improved my overall planning of my meals. Instead of fasting or limiting my food in the morning and backloading it at night, I started to eat more in the day to support my training and recovery. This helped me recomp my body > build muscle drop fat and improve my overall habits with food. I also improved my consistency with tracking. This allowed me to be more mindful of my weekends and more balanced with my approach to social events."


She Works Her Lower Body

Boydle shared her favorite lower body workouts in this Instagram post. She captioned it, "Straight from 32 hrs of travel and into Today's session at the glute lab with @bretcontreras1 2 x hard sets of each. A Rotisserie hip thrust set 1 x 20 set 2 x 12. B BC Glute Drive – 10 x eccentric reps (Bret sitting on the machine) into partial range (lengthened position at the bottom 🥵 1 set only. C Reverse hip extension partial range x 20 1 set only. D Weighted Bent knee Back Extension. Video 1 Load only X 10. Video 2 double banded plus weight X 15. E Lean Forward Hip Abduction- 20 x normal reps, 10 eccentric reps, 10 seconds static into 10 partials 🥵.F Lean Back Machine Abduction x 20 reps plus 10 partials. G Lying straight leg abductions x 25 normal reps, 10 eccentrics, 10 second static hold, 10 partials. H Single leg machine kick down partial range into single leg step down 25/15."

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