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Heather Locklear in Workout Gear Takes a Rare Gym Selfie 

She’s ready for the Melrose Place reboot!

Heather Locklear is reuniting with Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton for the upcoming Melrose Place reboot, and she's clearly putting the work in before filming starts. Locklear, 62, shared a picture of herself wearing gray leggings and a hat, carrying her pup inside a matching shirt. "A little sweaty hike with baby Mister," she captioned the post. "Omg you look amazing! Can't wait to see Amanda Woodward back on my screen. Please bring Jack Wagner, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Andrew Shue, Marcia Cross, Doug Savant and the rest of the crew including crazy Brooke 😃," a fan commented. Locklear has been a TV icon for decades—here's how she is thriving in her 60s.


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Kimberly White/Getty Images

Locklear was thrilled to be offered the 2021 Lifetime movie Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story. "There was a time when I thought, 'I'm not so sure I'm going to work again,' I didn't know if there would be any offers for me," she told Las Vegas Review-Journal. "And then this came to me. I feel like I was praying for something good. I didn't want to just do dumb stuff. Many things come along that aren't my kind of sitcoms. It was super important for me to do something with spirituality in it, which perfectly describes this project. Honestly, I don't know how it landed in my lap. I just knew it was something special and I said, 'I can do this.'"


Healthy Habits

Locklear says exercise has a big impact on her mental health. "Exercise plays a huge part in that, especially cardio," he told Parade. "I also love to play golf and tennis. Even a walk in the evening can take the edge off a bad day. If I miss my workouts for a few weeks, it's harder when I go back. If I eat junk food it's harder to go back to eating the healthy stuff. Keeping up with the healthy lifestyle makes it easier in the long run."


Genetics and Hydration


Locklear tries to stay hydrated for her health and beauty. "I have really gotten better about it though. I like water if it has a little lemon or lime flavor. That makes it easier to make my daily quota. Good genes to start off with. Then taking care of what you've got: sunscreen, exercise, diet, water, and being happy and content."


Workout Regimen

Locklear's fitness routine includes both cardio sessions and weight training. "I use portion control and try to keep it healthy 80 percent of the time," she told Parade. "I don't deny myself carbs or sweets. I just make every effort to keep it within reason. I do resistance training three times a week. That really helps with defying gravity and keeping things in place. I have light weights to do reps with both my arms and legs. I do cardio a couple times a week on the treadmill, with the music blasting. It's what gets me through."


Thriving In Her 60s

Locklear is embracing the aging process. "I'm grateful to turn 60. I don't care about the numbers," she told Las Vegas Review-Journal. "I feel young, which is what matters. And I feel good. I know that no matter what happens or how bad it seems today, life goes on and it will be better tomorrow."

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