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Heather Morris in Dance Workout Gear is "Missing This Energy"

"Missing this energy, see you super soon!”

Glee star Heather Morris is showing off the incredible dance moves that made her a natural on Dancing With the Stars. Morris, 37, posted a video of herself wearing brown pants and a black t-shirt, teaching a class for the Heat Convention and Competition. "Senior Jazz Room in my hometown Phoenix, excited to be back in a few cities with my family!!! Missing this energy, see you super soon!" she captioned the post. Here's how Morris stays fit and energized while on tour.


Running and Light Weights

Morris goes running and lifts light weights as part of her workout regimen. "I give myself two or three days a week of a workout regimen and I go to the gym with my husband, where I run or climb the treadmill on an incline," she told Parade. "I try to work on my core and just do lightweights because I don't like to build muscle since I build it really quickly. I like to get my heart rate and endorphins going and if I can't make it to the gym, I just run around the block a couple of times so I'm feeling like I did something. My husband goes every morning so now I'm like, 'Okay, I need to step up my game!'"


Nighttime Routine


Morris winds down at night by limiting screen time and journaling. "I have a nighttime routine where I journal and use essential oils," she told Parade. "I'll force myself to turn off the TV, not watch anything, and just reset. If I'm really stuck on something and it's either giving me anxiety or I can't process it, if I write it down, it helps me see it clearly and understand the light at the end of the tunnel. It helps whenever I feel stuck."


Coconut Oil

Morris is passionate about clean beauty, and uses plastic-free products whenever she can. The actress swears by coconut oil for hydration. "Coconut oil is just one ingredient, so hydrating, and so versatile," she told The Strategist. "I use mine for moisturizing my body primarily at night. That way, it soaks in and I wake up really hydrated. I also use it for my hair because I tend to get really dry ends. I just put a little bit in my hair and comb it through. I've been using it for so long that I don't think I could ever go back to regular lotion filled with fragrances, a bunch of extra parabens, and all that stuff. Nope, I'm good with my coconut oil.


Hydro Flask Lover


Morris is a big fan of Hydro Flask water bottles. "Not to bash any products, but I'm not a Stanley Cup lover," she told The Strategist. "I don't like the straw aspect because I like to make sure my water bottle's spill proof. I love the Hydro Flask's retractable spout. It's easy. The bottle itself is super-durable too. I got mine about six or seven months ago, and I thought I lost it. I was so bummed and ended up getting a cheap, easy one that I ended up losing. I was like, Oh God, I'm not doing anything good for the environment. Then, my Hydro Flask showed up in my son's backpack, and I was like, Yes! It came back to me. I need this, otherwise I forget to drink water."


Dance Teacher

Morris teaches a 30-minute heels dance class based on moves from Britney Spears and Beyoncé. Her advice? Start with shorter heels. "There is NO NEED for you to be on stilts for your first-ever heels class," she told POPSUGAR. "Be patient with yourself and commit! With any new practice, it most likely will not come naturally. However, with continued practice, you'll begin to feel empowered and sexy. Be the magic unicorn you know you are!"

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