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Heather Rae El Moussa in Workout Gear "Leaned Out and Got My Strength Back"

Here is the workout responsible for her post pregnancy weight loss.

Heather Rae El Moussa is opening up about her post-pregnancy workout. In a new social media post the Selling Sunset star shows off her amazing body-after-baby and reveals the program she followed to get back into shape the healthy way. "Let's talk about my postpartum body…." she started the Instagram caption. Here is everything you need to know about how the reality star got her body back without going to extremes and training with Paulina Hefferan. 


Her Postpartum Workout Journey "Wasn't Easy"

Heather starts by explaining that her postpartum workout journey "definitely wasn't 'easy' and didn't go as expected," she writes. "I thought I was going to bounce back within 9 weeks!! HUGE LOL but the reality of being a mom to a newborn, breastfeeding, 2 kids, balancing my hormones, my work, my marriage and my life set in."


She Found a New Way to Workout at Home with Paulina Hefferan

She reveals that she "didn't want to leave the house and leave Tristan to workout," so she knew she needed to change the way she worked out and what fit for her "new" life. "It was hard guys, I felt weak, old & not super motivated. I had never been someone who lifted weights or did at-home workouts until I met @paulinastein. It was a complete change for me but I lost 25 pounds, leaned out & got my strength back while working out with Paulina." She adds that the workouts are "accessible and affordable." 


She Lost 25 Pounds

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"Believe it or not, you guys, I lost 25 pounds postpartum and I did it straight from my living room using two 10 pound dumbbells, a mat, sometimes some ankle weights, sometimes some bands," she continues in the video. 


Paulina Helped Her Feel "Really Comfortable"

"Transforming your body after a baby or any time in your life is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline. It takes a lot of structure. It takes someone pushing you Sometimes, especially if you're like me. After I had Tristan, I thought, okay, I'll be back at the gym. I'll be back in hot yoga. I'm going to get my body back in nine weeks. Reality set in, and that did not happen. I don't think I really started working out until I met Paulina. She made me just feel really comfortable. She made me feel like this is a slow journey. This is my journey. I don't need to compare myself to anyone else," she says. 


She Worked Out While Tristan Was Napping and Even with Him

She adds that she was able to get the exercises in, even with her baby, because Paulina is "also a mom," and the fact that I can do it from my home, I can incorporate Tristan, I can do it while he's napping, made me say yes and made me feel like, you know what? I can do this. Working out with her changed my life. I am so proud of myself."


Her Body Was "Back" After Four Months

"I started really noticing that, wow, my body is back around eight and a half months postpartum, and I had started working out with Paulina when I was about four and a half months postpartum. Now that she has this app on days, I can't work out with her when I'm traveling, I can use her app, could work alongside with her, so it really makes you want to do it because she's doing it with you," she concludes. 


Walking and Weight Lifting


On Paulina's Instagram page, she reveals that "lifting weights" and "walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day" along with a healthy diet is the perfect equation for weight loss. 

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