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Heidi Klum Shares Stunning Swimsuit Video

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Heidi Klum is a lot of things. She's a model, best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel. She's a host and TV personality, known for Project Runway, Germany's Next Top Model, Making The Cut, and America's Got Talent. And she's a designer, releasing her own lines of activewear and lingerie. Klum recently shared some new swimsuit posts on Instagram. In a video, she danced in her home. In a set of photos, she posed on rocks by the ocean. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Heidi Klum stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Cooks Healthy Meals


Klum talked about some of her health secrets in an interview with Buro247. She says that she likes to cook healthy meals with her family. "Every day we cook something different; we cook fresh everyday so it's hard to say a go-to when you cook for a family – you know I have four kids. Like, Mondays I'll have meatballs with pasta and vegetables – there's always a vegetable – or we have fish with green beans and mashed potatoes and then we have schnitzel with broccoli and spaghetti squash. Every day is something different. It's not like salad and a piece of chicken every day – my kids would really not appreciate that."


She Eats Healthy


Klum tells Buro247 that while she doesn't like to diet, she makes sure to eat healthy. "It's never really about the amounts; it's what you eat. I think a lot of people think in order to look fit you can't really eat anything. I eat quite a lot; I just eat the right things. You just have to be focused and determined not to eat all the bad things. A lot of the time it's not worth it – you know you stuff yourself with all these extra calories that you know you don't need. I mean, if it was a yummy pavlova or ice-cream I would want it, but there are certain things you can cut out."


She Believes In Moderation


Klum still likes to indulge herself, but she makes sure to not go overboard. "I never cut out anything completely," she tells Buro247." Sometimes I'll have spaghetti bolognese and a piece of bread too that I'm going to dip into the sauce afterwards because it's so good, but you know, I don't have bagels and cream cheese in the morning. A lot of people have that every morning, or doughnuts. I mean sometimes, of course, I'll have a bagel with cream cheese but some people have that all the time."


She Doesn't Over Exercise

When it comes to working out, Klum makes sure to do so. However, she also makes sure to not overdo it. "I don't really exercise that much," she told Buro247. "I mean, two times a week for sure. I will do the Stairmaster I've got at home or a running machine. I also think it's important not to exercise too much. I don't think you have to do a lot, but if you do a little bit all the time, I think that's important. Sometimes I'll do some little weights while I'm running."


She Loves Coconut Oil

Klum shared some of her beauty secrets with WhoWhatWear. "I love using just plain, old coconut oil that you get in the supermarket. Especially in Los Angeles right now [where Heidi lives], everything is so dry and I'm outside a lot. I love to lather up some coconut oil in my hair and on my body too. It's so inexpensive and it just makes everything feel so yummy and nourished. In general, I like going more towards the natural things instead of the sorts of products that are full of perfumes and astringents. I really love trying all of those things but very rarely do I actually stick with it. I'd rather use coconut oil."

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