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Heidi Montag In Workout Gear Does Squats In Her Kitchen

Here’s how she lost weight without Ozempic. 

Heidi Montag is all about balance now she's lost weight—she allows herself a treat, but there are caveats. Montag, 37, shared a humorous video of herself wearing leggings and a gray shirt, doing squats in the kitchen while drinking a glass of wine. "So I Googled it and it said a glass of red wine is 60 squats," she says. "So I'm going to burn off the wine." Here's how the reality star lost 22 pounds to get in the best shape of her life.


Weight Training

Montag does weight training and outdoor hikes. "I worked out five to seven times a week, only for an hour, because with mom life, that's all I had," she told Us Weekly. "It's a lot of weight training, which I continue to do. Squatting, pushups, pullups, ring rows, lunges — just your basic workout at a high, intense weight… I like to be outside with the boys and go on hikes with them. And with Ryker, when I'm holding him, I'll drop and do 10 squats. So I try to work out on the go as well."


Stroller Walks

Montag recommends taking it slowly when it comes to postpartum fitness. "Whether you prefer a brisk walk with the stroller or a high-energy aerobic workout, start at your own pace and increase intensity as you get stronger," she told First For Women. "Use fitness bands, light hand weights or do exercises like lunges, squats and pushups that use your own body for resistance."


No Carbs or Alcohol


Montag cut down on carbs and alcohol while losing weight. "I cut out a lot of carbs," she told Us Weekly. "I had bread once a day, and I cut down on sugar and alcohol. I also made sure to get a little bit more sleep, which is a big deal." Now that she is in maintenance mode, Montag has relaxed her food restrictions a little bit. Overall, I'm a really healthy person. 
It makes me feel good. I like my carbs, so since I'm the weight I want to be, I can add a little bit more [back in] and have more flexibility. [See box for more of Montag's daily diet.] And I'm working out three times a week."


Raw Organ Meat

Montag ate raw organ meat before both her pregnancies. "When you think about where the most nutrients are that are bioavailable to humans without toxins, organs are very nutritious parts of animals," she told PEOPLE. "Culturally organs are a critical part. Eating raw liver is going to preserve as many nutrients as possible."


Ozempic Opinion

Montag is wary of prescription drugs like Ozempic. "I have friends who have taken it and love it… [but] I'd be careful of jumping on that trend," she told Us Weekly. "It's something people need to research. What is your goal? Do you just want to lose weight quickly or do you want to be strong? For me, I want to take the harder route with long-term results. Ozempic and other brands create 
a shortcut mentality, and it's like, 
"Is that sustainable?" Anything that seems too good to be true usually is."

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