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Heidi Somers in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Biggest Workout Mistake"

"Pick ONE SPOT in a gym where you can do your whole workout!"

Heidi Somers is a fitness maven. She shares a lot of gym videos on Instagram, both humorous ones and serious ones. She also has her own workout program. Somers announced her program on Instagram a few weeks ago. She captioned a video, "My biggest mistake when I first started working out was sitting on random machines and doing a few reps on each one with minimal effort. Walking around the gym also intimidated me. So…We created a ✨Shy Girl Workout✨ series on the @grounds_app app so you have a PLAN and all you have to do is pick ONE SPOT in a gym where you can do your whole workout! This makes it a lot easier to get in a workout without feeling overwhelmed by all the machines, weights, and crowds in a gym!"  How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Heidi Somers stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Meal Preps

Somers makes sure to eat a healthy diet. One of her secrets is prepping her meals ahead of time. Somers shared this video on her YouTube channel of herself prepping meals. She captioned the video, "Burgers, tacos, and wings for a weight loss meal prep?!?! Sign me up. I am OBSESSED with this recipes. I feel like I'm cheating but it's SO healthy and good for you!! Which one was your favorite recipe?!"


She's Consistent

Somers makes sure to stay consistent with her workouts. She talked about this in the caption of this Instagram post. "Let's hit them 🦵🦵and 🍑! Just started a new workout program…should I post every full workout so y'all can feel my pain?! 😜My current goals are to build muscle and increase my strength everywhere…but more so in my legs, glutes, and shoulders. Currently doing 3 lower and 2 upper body days per week!"


She Works Her Glutes

Somers makes sure to work her glutes. She shared some of her favorite workouts in this video on her Instagram. Somers captioned it, "This was a spicy glute workout…try it out and let me know if you can walk the next day.😜 I've been growingggggg these legs and glutes the last few months and I'm so happy with the progress I've made. Are you growing right now or leaning out?👀🍑😳🌶️🥵🏋️🤕📈Barbell Squats: 4×10. Hip Thrust: 3×10. RDL: 3×12. Barbell Lateral Lunge: 3×10-12. Single Leg Extension: 3×12. Lying Leg Curl: 3×12."


She Works Her Upper Body

Somers shared this video on Instagram of herself doing an upper body workout. She captioned it, "LIKE this video if you want me to share more of my workouts on Instagram! 💪🤓 I mainly post my workouts on YouTube. Sooooo I've been working on a new sculpting program for myself and want to share it with y'all if you want to follow along! Anyone remember the untamed one I released awhile back?☺️ The PDF will be downloadable, includes tips/tricks, supplement suggestions, water intake calculator, and more! You ready for it?!"


She Lifts Weights

One thing Somers does to stay in shape is lift weights. She shared this video on Instagram of herself using dumbbells and hand weights. She captioned the post, "This Barbie lifts 😎I basically screamed when I saw these pink machines at the gym lol. Should I do this for the BB HQ? 👀Full body sweat is from day 5 of my Grounded program! Download my free workout program from my website:"

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