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Heiress Amanda Hearst Shares Swimsuit Photo From Ibiza

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Heiress and activist Amanda Hearst had a beautiful time wrapping up her summer season in Ibiza, Spain. Hearst, 39, shared a series of envy-inducing pictures of herself enjoying the sun, sea, and spectacular scenery with friends and loved ones. One picture shows the philanthropist posing on a boat, wearing a black swimsuit with shorts, against a background of stunning ocean waters. "Until next summer!! ❤️," she captioned the post. Here's how Hearst lives a happy and fulfilling life.


A Day In the Life


Hearst spends most of her day working on her charities. "I wake up at eight-fifteen, and then I feed the kitties," she says. "I have breakfast while I'm reading my emails. Because I'm on L.A. time, I have most of my Zoom calls with Well Beings and Maison-de-Mode in the morning, and those will go through lunch, probably. After that I'll do some personal time. Right now I'm trying to learn Norwegian, because my husband's Norwegian, so that's been my homework. Around like, four to four-thirty, I'll do a yoga and/or meditation class on this app called GLO. After that I reconnect with my husband, hang out, order food, watch TV."


Sustainable Fashion


Hearst is passionate about responsible, sustainable fashion, which is why she helped create ethical luxury Maison de Mode. "I think when brands are made to order or produced locally, they are definitely more responsible with their resources, so that is a plus," she says. "My cousin, Gabriela Hearst, has her own ready-to-wear line. She uses about 60 percent recycled, upcycled, non-virgin materials, and that has been a benefit in terms of production. She can still produce because she wasn't dependent on factories creating virgin textiles. She already had the materials. I think that sustainability in some ways has been a benefit for these brands, [but] I just think at the end of the day, sales are really tough."


Pilates and Yoga

Hearst swears by Pilates and yoga sessions for a fantastic workout. "There are plenty of online classes that teach you how to do Pilates on a mat," says Leanne Wonesh, an athletic trainer at Houston Methodist. "If you decide to go for an online mat class, just keep in mind that it can be much more intense than you think! I actually recommend underestimating yourself when trying your first online mat Pilates class and always starting at the beginner level. The last thing you want is to try it out and give up right away because it seems too difficult."


Leggings and La Mer

Hearst has a few things she can't do without. "[When I feel like I have nothing to wear, I reach for] black leggings and a t-shirt because I've realized that I have nothing to wear and I'd rather be comfortable." Her favorite luxury item is expensive face cream. "Creme de la Mer face cream, the original product," she says. "My skin is so dry, and it's the only product that works for me in the winter."


She's Multilingual

In addition to learning Norwegian and being fluent in Spanish, Hearst is also studying Dutch. "Regardless of when you acquire additional languages, being multilingual gives your brain some remarkable advantages," says educator Mia Nacamulli. Some of these are even visible, such as higher density of the gray matter that contains most of your brain's neurons and synapses, and more activity in certain regions when engaging a second language. The heightened workout a bilingual brain receives throughout its life can also help delay the onset of diseases, like Alzheimer's and dementia by as much as five years."

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