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HGTV Star Christina Hall Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Vacation Vibes"

This is her favorite workout.

Christina in the Country star Christina Hall had the best summer vacation at the Chileno Bay resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Hall, 40, and husband Josh Hall shared a picture of themselves posing in swimsuits for a holiday snap, wearing identical bathing suit prints and big smiles. "Vacation Vibes," she captioned the post. "You are both adorable," a fan commented. Hall says she finds it hard to slow down and relax—here's how she has the energy to keep up with her many projects.


Healthy Habits


Hall would work out too hard in the past, but has learned to enjoy a more healthy pace. "If I didn't run five miles, I felt like my head was going to explode," she says. "Then it started making me feel sick. Now if I overexert myself, I don't feel great." Hall finds time to move every day, she says. "That usually consists of a nice walk with the dogs or a light 20-minute cardio routine or the Peloton. I eat healthy and organize. I prioritize good facials and skincare and I do IVs. I do a lot for my health because being on and having energy is so important to me."


On the Move


Hall finds it hard to slow down. "I don't know how to be bored," she says. "I thrive in chaos and newness and I just like testing myself and thinking about what's next. … I have big goals for the next 10 years, and I'll be going very hard. Maybe [I'll change] in my 50s or 60s — we'll see!"


Too Skinny In the Past

Christina Hall/Instagram

Hall would lose too much weight in the past, and it's something she now stays aware of. "So, for like, many years, I was highly addicted to working out because I had really bad anxiety and my self-medicating was going for really hard, long jogs," she says. "And then I just kind of got too skinny and didn't have a butt or anything. So then I started doing Pilates in, like, 2019. But Pilates really, really kicked my butt where, I guess because of autoimmune, would feel like I was knocked on my ass for days and got flu-like symptoms. So, basically, I stopped working out besides walking. And then when I get stressed I kind of, like, wither away, so I'm just left looking, like, really skinny."


Building Muscle

Christina Hall/Instagram

Hall is now focused on building muscle over losing weight. "My husband would prefer … Josh, like, prefers some curves over, like, stick figures," she says. "So, I've been trying to get back in the gym, not only for him but also for myself because I know it's good for me and, like, I honestly need muscle tone. It's a whole thing. So, I'm back to trying to work out and I'm starting really small. I'm just doing, like, two mile walks and then I'm doing like 15 minute workouts, because otherwise I don't want to, like, overdo it and then not workout at all again. So I'm just doing a 15 minute workout a day focused on lower body or upper body, and I'm like day four into it so woo-hoo! Hopefully I can keep doing it. Especially as you enter your 40s, ladies, it's important to have muscle tone. Otherwise it's like gravity takes hold. So, I'm excited. Working out, feeling good, feeling healthy, feeling strong."


Yoga Therapy

Christina Hall/Instagram

Yoga helped Hall through her divorce from Tarek El Moussa in 2017. "There is nothing like a good three-mile run for me to really clear my head and get my endorphins going," she said. "My other go-to is yoga. I have the most amazing private instructor who has changed my life. Our sessions are very spiritual and have really helped me cope with my divorce and other emotions I'm going through during this time."


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