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Hina Khan In Workout Gear is "Manifesting My Healing"

“The scars are mine, I embrace them with love.” 

Indian actress Hina Khan is sharing some inspirational words with her 19.7 million Instagram fans and followers. Khan, 36, posted selfies of herself wearing a pink sports bra, flashing a peace sign at the camera. "What do you see in this picture? The scars on my body or the hope in my eyes? The scars are mine, I embrace them with love because they're the first sign of the progress I deserve. The hope in my eyes is the reflection of my soul, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am manifesting my healing. And I am praying for yours too," she captioned the post. Here's how the star overhauled her health, fitness, and image, and is thriving in her 30s.


Changing Her Image

Khan was inspired to change her look after feeling stuck in a dowdy daughter-in-law role. "After quitting my show, I took my fitness really seriously. I consciously took this decision of changing my image from a bahu," she told Her Zindagi. "I just wanted to look different and good. Somewhere it hit me that when I started my show, for the initial two-three years people used to see me as only a bahu. When you do a show for this long, you get typecasted. I got a stereotyped image and people started looking at me that way. I have also played mother to a 20-year-old on the show, so for me, it was a task."


Losing Weight and Getting Fit

Khan was thrilled with how easy it was to improve her fitness. "Luckily my fitness journey went so well, so smooth," she told Her Zindagi. "I started exercising, I started going to the gym. I will say that I am thankful to the Almighty that I am blessed with a body that supported me back. People workout so hard for even 10 years and still aren't able to achieve the body they wish for. But luckily, my body type helped me lose weight really fast and I became fitter."


Low Carb, High Protein

Khan enjoys a healthy diet with no major restrictions. "My mornings start with a glass of lukewarm water with a bit of lemon in it, which makes for an awesome body detox," she told SpotboyE. "Post which I have a wholesome breakfast consisting of a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice, 2 bananas, corn flakes and alternately a cheese omelet. My diet mainly consists of low carbs and high proteins, which I strictly follow! And only Sunday lunch is a cheat meal for me where I eat anything and everything I like, depending on my mood and craving."


Home Remedies


Khan prefers at-home remedies for beauty treatments. "A mixture of dried orange rind and milk is great for exfoliating the skin," she told SpotboyE. "I also use milk and rose water on my skin to keep it supple. For my overnight homemade spa treatments for hair, I use a mixture of egg and yogurt. For an extra dose of shine, I combine lemon juice with buckwheat water and rinse it after shampooing. I use a warm towel to wrap it around my head to steam the scalp as it encourages blood flow in the area. I never let even a drop of conditioner touch the scalp."


Fashion As Expression

Khan loves using fashion to express her personality. "Fashion played a great deal in my shaping my career,"she told SpotboyE. "I was clad in sarees, heavy jewelry for 8 long years and aged on screen from being a daughter to a wife and also a mother. People would often tell me back then that I could pick to play a bahu in other shows as well as I did a good job with the first one & that was my biggest challenge to let people know the real Hina Khan."

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